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A Trip to a Little Known Island: Tanegashima of Kagoshima

Have you ever visited Tanegashima? It's a very small and lesser known island off the souther tip of Kyushu. Visit this island and learn about everything it has to offer!

5 Best Places to Buy Chopsticks in Tokyo 

Are you looking for a good souvenir to bring home with you? Chopsticks are a great gift or souvenir for yourself! Have a look at 5 of the best places to buy them in Tokyo.

10 Cool and Unique Hotels in Tokyo

If you will stay in Tokyo, find your favorite one! Tokyo has so many unique hotels, making your journey amazing and unforgettable!
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Unique Features of a Traditional Japanese House

If you are interested in Japanese lifestyle, check the traditional Japanese houses. Essence of Japanese culture is all included.
Food & Drinks

What Is A Typical Japanese Lunch?

Have you ever tried lunch in Japan? You have many choices to enjoy lunch here and will also be surprised at creative and delicious Japanese food. Enjoy!

What is Maneki Neko? The Lucky Cat

Do you like cats? Cats in Japan have the meaning of great luck. Read this article and find out more about the lucky cat in Japan.
Places to visit in Kyoto

Kiyomizu-dera: One of Kyoto’s Historic Temples

Have you ever been to the historic landmark that is Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto? Learn more about this amazing iconic temple!

What is Kansai-ben? All You Need to Know About Kansai Dialect

Have you heard of Kansai-ben before? It is the dialect spoken in Osaka, Kyoto and all of the Kansai region. Learn more about this unique dialect!

Okinawan Language: The Japanese Dialect of the Southern Islands

Okinawa is a very unique area with its own culture and language. Learn more about the Okinawan language and how it is different from standard Japanese!

Nijo Castle: A Former Imperial Villa In Kyoto

Nijo castle is designated as a World Heritage Site and is related to samurai. You will be able to feel the history of Japan by visiting Nijo castle.
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