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If you want to enjoy Japanese dishes like the locals in your own home, getting the perfect pair of chopsticks is the first step that you should take! While chopsticks are widely available at shops around Japan and the cheap ones cost you only around 100 – 200 yen, there are also great shops which specialize in selling high quality chopsticks as well. These higher quality chopsticks are not only easy to use and comfortable in the hand, but also often made from eco-friendly materials, have elaborate designs, and can be used for a long time. Here are 5 of the best places to buy chopsticks in Tokyo!               

1. Hyozaemon Chopsticks Specialty Shop (Hiroo)

Originally founded in Fukui prefecture which is well known for its chopsticks production,  Hyozaemon offers a variety of high-quality chopsticks that are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. They manufacture chopsticks with the motto “Chopsticks are food”, as they believe what you put in your mouth should be safe and completely free from any harmful chemicals. The tips of their chopsticks are carefully coated with what they call “virgin lacquer,” which is basically 100% natural lacquer. Their chopsticks are completely handmade and are crafted by skilled professional artisans that use natural materials. In addition, their chopsticks incorporate the traditional designs of Wakasa lacquerware, which is incredibly beautiful and perfectly matches other types of modern tableware. If you want a truly special pair of chopsticks, they also offer a name engraving service that will give you a 1 of 1 pair of chopsticks.

How to get there
It is a short walk from Hiroo station, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line                      

Opening hours
11am – 6pm (closed on Tuesdays)

Price Range
¥ 2,000 – ¥ 5,000

2. Morita (Asakusa)

If you are planning on visiting the Asakusa area, Morita is a great spot to search for the perfect chopsticks to take home with you! Morita is a small friendly shop located on Nakamise-dori Shopping Street at Senso-ji Temple. Opened in 2009, they sell a wide range of chopsticks that come in different colors, shapes, sizes and prices. You can also find a variety of hashioki, or chopstick rests, providing a spot for you to put your chopsticks when you aren’t using them. Their chopsticks are individually displayed on the walls inside the store, making it easy to compare each set of chopsticks. Traditional Japanese designs such as cherry blossoms are particularly popular among international tourists. 

How to get there
It is about a 2-minute walk from Asakusa station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line                      

Opening hours
10am – 5:30pm

Price Range
¥ 1,000 – ¥ 3,000

3. Ginza Natsuno

Ginza Natsuno started its business as the only chopsticks specialty shop in the Ginza area in 1999. The founder, Mr. Takahashi, who used to work at an IT company, opened the shop with the ambition to spread Japanese culture through portraying the message of the importance of craftsmanship. He visited artisans around Japan who are engaged in producing traditional lacquerware, and has been working with them to produce high quality lacquered chopsticks for over 20 years. Today, they boast over 3,000 sets of chopsticks and 1,000 hashioki that come from all over Japan. Their chopsticks are made from natural wood and are surprisingly flexible and durable. Therefore, they will hardly get bent or cracked no matter how long you use them. They come in a variety of designs, colors, shapes, sizes, lengths and weights, so there will surely be one that is right for you!    

How to get there
It is about a 5-minute walk from Ginza station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line                      

Opening hours
10am – 8pm (Monday – Saturday)
10am – 7pm (Sunday and Holidays)

Price Range
¥ 1,000 – ¥ 10,000

4. Mikura (Kappabashi)

Located in the Kappabashi area, which is widely known as a mecca for kitchen utensils in Tokyo, Mikura attracts numerous customers with a large selection of over 500 varieties of different chopsticks. Their chopsticks are designed for both personal and commercial use, which is the reason why they are loved by not only ordinary customers but also professional chefs. They believe “chopsticks are the bridge that connects people,” and offer a wide variety of chopstick options for everyone. For the most part, the price range is relatively low and inexpensive, making it a perfect place to get your first pair of chopsticks!                

How to get there
It is about a 7-minute walk from Iriya station, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line                      

Opening hours
10am – 5pm

Price Range
¥ 1,000 – ¥ 15,000

5. Hashitou (Asakusa)

Since its establishment in 1910, Hashitou has offered some of the best chopsticks in Japan with a history of over 110 years. Their chopsticks are made from a variety of natural wood such as cedar, cypress and cherry blossom trees which are grown in the beautiful forests around Japan. Their Urushi lacquered chopsticks are carefully crafted by local artisans who are dedicated to preserving traditional Japanese handicrafts in different regions. If you decide to buy a luxury pair, they will come with a beautiful wooden box, which can make for a perfect gift. They also have disposable chopsticks, chopstick rests, chopstick bags and beautiful paper placemats that can be a perfect addition to your dining table at home!

How to get there
It is a short walk from Tawara-machi station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line                      

Opening hours
10am – 5:30pm (closed on Sundays and holidays)

Price Range
¥ 1,000 – ¥ 10,000

Chopsticks are perfect not only as convenient tableware for Japanese dishes at home, but also as a memorable souvenir to take home. Along with the spread of rice consumption and the growing popularity of Japanese food around the world, chopsticks are getting more popular as essential eating utensils like spoons and forks. If you really want to get the best chopsticks for yourself, it is best to visit the shop in person, compare the different options, and choose a pair that fits your hand perfectly. It is also important to learn how to use chopsticks before you enjoy traditional Japanese dishes such as Sushi and Kaiseki meals at restaurants in public!    

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