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Bryce was born in California, and raised near Seattle, Washington! He’s been living in Japan for about 5 years now, the first 3 spent studying at Temple University Japan. His main passion in life is writing and producing music, more specifically EDM if anyone is curious! He is very fond of snowboarding, cooking, traveling, playing video games; all of which he’d ideally enjoy with the company of his great friends. 

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Step into the world of relaxation in Tokyo, where saunas are more than just hot rooms; they are sanctuaries of tranquility infused with Japanese culture. Whether you’re a long term resident seeking solace or a traveler eager to unwind, Tokyo‘s saunas offer a unique path to rejuvenation. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the best saunas in Tokyo, each offering its own distinctive charm and a slice of Japanese wellness. So, get ready to detoxify, rejuvenate, and immerse yourself in the art of relaxation, all while exploring the vibrant tapestry of Tokyo’s sauna scene.

1. Karumaru Ikebukuro

Nestled in the heart of Ikebukuro, Karumaru is a high-end, high temperature escape from stress. Complete with 4 different styles such as stone, wood, steam and Kero (a special type of wood), you’ll surely be able to sweat out your worries in the way you want. This location is also an inn and provides food, so make your sauna stop into a little getaway. Complete with a few onsen options, this is a prime spot for heated relaxation. Be sure to adventure around Ikebukuro for a ton of different thrills!


2. Kogane-yu

While the “-yu” refers to the establishment being a bathhouse, Kogane-yu still offers an excellent sauna to enjoy. Located in Kinshicho, this bathhouse is an excellent stop for some rejuvenation in the city. It’s also not too far from popular attractions like Senso-ji, Sky Tree, and other locations in and around Asakusa. Like the previous option, this place doubles as an in- and what’s more, there’s a taproom for beer lovers in the front. They also occasionally feature a DJ to lay down some wellness type beats.


3. Roof Top Sauna

Located in the dynamic ward of Suginami, Roof Top Sauna takes relaxation to new heights. This penthouse sauna offers more than just soothing heat; it provides a panoramic view of Tokyo’s iconic skyline. Imagine unwinding while gazing at the city’s dazzling lights after a day of exploration. Of course the sauna itself is enclosed, but there are chairs and actually bathtubs outside on the roof, where your stargazing might occur. It’s an experience that blends urban excitement with relaxation. Whether you’re an adventurer or a cityscape enthusiast, Roof Top Sauna will elevate your Tokyo journey.


4. Sauna Hokuo

Sauna Hokuo is a minimalist’s dream come true. This Tokyo gem boasts sleek design elements and a serene atmosphere, offering a tranquil escape from the city’s bustling energy. To further that, it also doubles as a capsule hotel. Whether it’s enjoying the sauna, taking a relaxing bath, or a much needed nap, you’ll have no problem postponing your stress at Sauna Hokuo. It’s located in Ueno, so be sure to try and check out some of the surrounding activities like Ueno Park, the zoo, the museum, and more.


5. Saunaland Asakusa

For a dose of culture with your relaxation, Saunaland Asakusa is a must-visit. Located near the historic Senso-ji Temple, this sauna seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. This destination is somewhat unique in comparison to the rest as it does not offer any baths. However, it does feature a low-key, low light common space on the 2nd floor, a group room for a night stay on the 3rd floor, and a couples room on the 4th floor with its own sauna! 


6. Sauna Tokyo

If luxury is what you seek, Sauna Tokyo in Akasaka delivers it in abundance. This opulent sauna offers a pampering experience like no other. From its elegant interiors to high-quality equipment, the theme here is clearly sophistication. Complete with baths in comparable variety to the saunas, this place will ensure complete relaxation. After your sauna session, take a stroll through the upscale neighborhood of Akasaka and discover its culinary delights and boutique shops. Sauna Tokyo is where indulgence and exploration harmonize. 


7. Solo Sauna Tune

Sometimes, solitude is the ultimate luxury. Solo Sauna Tune caters to those seeking a tranquil escape from the world. They offer private sauna rooms where you can relax in total comfort in your own way.. It’s the perfect haven for introverts and anyone in search of solitude amid the bustling city. Not to mention, it’s very elegantly designed and boasts a deep, calming atmosphere. Solo Sauna Tune is where you can find peace within yourself. 


8. Spa LaQua

Situated in the Tokyo Dome City complex, Spa LaQua offers a comprehensive wellness experience. If you’ve ridden the roller coaster available at dome city, then you’ve probably at least seen the log on the building! Which brings to mind, what a great opportunity: saunas and roller coasters within minutes- stimulate the senses! Well, aside from the coaster- whether you’re seeking a romantic evening or simply to sweat out your stress, this spa has it all. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and take in the sights and sounds of Tokyo from a unique perspective.


9. SaunaLab

Witht their headquarters in Finland, SaunaLab has landed in Japan and is certainly making some waves in the sauna scene. With their main Tokyo location in Kanda, they offer a variety of sauna experiences and a sophisticated forest theme. Well, it’s not simply a theme… They actually perform a service called “whisking”, where the customer’s body is wrapped in leaves and herbs and supposedly helps with skincare and blood circulation. They also offer delivery! No- it’s not a joke. They actually have portable saunas that can be driven to the location of your choice!


10. Lesss

If you’re searching for an epic sauna experience, say less(s). You might have to type it as well, or you can use the link! Anyways, Lesss is a pretty significant experience, and it’s comparable to Solo Sauna Tune in that you can book rooms for just one person. Rest assured they are complete with means to bathe and clean yourself. Some differences though are that Solo Sauna Tune seems to be more geared towards men, and Lesss seems to appeal to women. Lesss also offers a group reservation option. Regardless, Lesss has the experience on point- their high end style and quality facilities are sure to have you satisfied and de-stressed.


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