The Best 14 Craft Beer Places in Tokyo!

Craft beer Tap (Shinjuku) Food & Drinks in Tokyo

Japanese people love beer and it is the best feelings to get some drinks after work…

But recently, beer scene in Japan is changing. Craft beer is getting popular in Japan!

Japan has 4 big beer companies, Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Suntory. These are the main producers who have made Japanese beer culture.

In the last few years, many new breweries opened in Japan!

In this article we introduce the best place to enjoy craft beers in Tokyo.

We have 3 types of bars to enjoy craft beers!

1.  Bar or shop which have lots of kind of craft beer all over the world, of course including Japan
2.  Brewpub
3.  Brewery’s bar

Bar or shop which have many kind of craft beers all over the world, of course including Japan

We have so many bars and restaurants which have craft beer.
We interviewed Japanese real beer lovers about their recommendation.


Many Japanese beer lover know POPEYE in Ryogoku.

They have 70 taps!
If you order specific beers on the menu before 8:00pm, they provide appetizers for free.

Beer-Ma Kanda (Kanda)

It newly opened in April 2018. They will welcome you with  over 800 different craft beers and about 10 different kind of draft beers!

300 yen for corkage fee but you can buy some bottled beers as well. Looks like many craft beer lovers taste it at the bar and bring some of their favorites home.

関連ランキング:ビアバー | 神田駅新日本橋駅三越前駅

Beer-Ma + Beer-Ma BAR, Beer-Ma BASE (Kitasenju)

This is the original Beer-Ma. They started selling craft beer in 2011 and today they have 1500-1800 different kind of craft beers! Yes, it is a crazy amount of beers.

Beer-Ma + Beer -Ma BAR is located in Kitasenju and it is right around the corner from the west exit of Kitasenju station. They have bottle stores and standing bar that you can enjoy.

Beer-Ma BASE is located in Senju-Ohashi and they renovated a part of the storage into the standing bar. It is so exciting to pick up some beers from a large refrigerator!

Beer-Ma + Beer -Ma BAR: 2-62 Senju Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Beer-Ma BASE: 1-22-10 Senju Midorimachi Adachi-ku, Tokyo

関連ランキング:その他 | 北千住駅牛田駅京成関屋駅

Watering Hole (Yoyogi)

If you want to find a good craft beer place in the west part of Tokyo, you should go to Watering Hole in Yoyogi. They serve mainly IPA and have over 20 different kind of craft beers from all over the world.

Beer lovers say, “It opens at 3, we love drinking from the afternoon!”

関連ランキング:ビアバー | 代々木駅南新宿駅新宿駅

Mejiro Tanakaya (Mejiro)

One minute walk from Mejiro station, go down front-left stairs of Mcdonald’s and then voila!

They originally sold whiskey but started selling craft beer lately. Their beer list is satisfying for beer lovers too!

The owner is profoundly knowledgeable and he can help you find what you love.

Craft beer Tap (Shinjuku)

Foods are fulfilling and beers are good!

They have 20 taps and over 15 different kind of imported craft beers.

If you wan t to try out some beers from all over the world, this is the place you should go!

関連ランキング:ビアバー | 新宿三丁目駅新宿駅新宿西口駅

Tap Stand (Shinjuku)

This is a  small bar where they serve some good pizzas and craft beers from mostly Japan and the United States.

They have 23 taps and friendly staffs will tell you what you should order if you can’t decide.

Easy access from Shinjuku station, totally recommend it!

Tap Stand

Antenna America (Kannai)

It is technically not in Tokyo but let us introduce this place in Kannai, Yokohama.

It is a tasting room and bottled shop operated by American craft beer importer so you can enjoy fresh beers from the States.

It might not be ideal for someone who want to try Japanese craft beer but if you are a big fan of American craft beer, this is the best place for you!

関連ランキング:ビアバー | 関内駅桜木町駅日ノ出町駅



You can enjoy beers and foods with the view of beautiful canal.

They have their own brewery right next  to the restaurant so we recommend you to try some there!

There’s always a long line so it would be better to make a reservation before you go.

関連ランキング:アメリカ料理 | 天王洲アイル駅北品川駅新馬場駅

Sumidagawa brewing  (Asakusa)

This is the craft beer place operated by one of the top beer companies in Japan, Asahi.

When you visit Asakusa, you should try their own proud local beer here!

関連ランキング:ビアホール・ビアレストラン | 浅草駅(東武・都営・メトロ)本所吾妻橋駅とうきょうスカイツリー駅

Hachiban (Ginza)

Ginza is known as the fancy shopping district but did you know there is a brewpub?

Fun fact is, the owner loves beer so much and he got the brewing licence and built his own brewery at the restaurant!

The only menu they have is “all you can drink for 2 hours + foods” (4,000 yen + tax)

You can experience the unique Japanese drinking culture here.

関連ランキング:居酒屋 | 東銀座駅新富町駅築地駅

Y.Y.G Brewery & Beer kitchen (South Shinjuku)

This is the brewery located in quiet residence area in South Shinjuku.

On the 1st floor, it is the bar you can come in by yourself comfortably and on the 7th floor, it is the restaurant which is good for a small party.

Try very unique beers served fresh from the tank!

関連ランキング:ビアホール・ビアレストラン | 南新宿駅代々木駅新宿駅

Brewery’s bar

YONA YONA BEER WORKS (Akasaka, Kanda, Shinjuku, Kichijoji, Ebisu, Aoyama)

Here’s the official beer bar operated by craft beer company, Yoho brewing.

They serve some fresh craft beers from Nagano prefecture with cute glasses!

If you want to try some Japanese unique beers, this is for you.

関連ランキング:ビアホール・ビアレストラン | 赤坂見附駅永田町駅赤坂駅

Devil Craft (Kanda, Gotanda, Hamamatsucho)

3 American owners founded Devil Craft to make some best craft beers in Japan.

This is also known as one of a few places you can get Chicago style pizza -deep dish pizza.

We all have to say yes to this delicious pizza and craft beers!

関連ランキング:ビアバー | 新日本橋駅神田駅三越前駅

Don’t miss the chance to try craft beers in Tokyo!

Hope you can get some good ideas for trying craft beers while your stay in Tokyo.

Get thirsty and Kampai, cheers!


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