Adventure Japan


10 Best hostels/guesthouses in Tokyo

Tokyo, probably the main destination for most adventurers with Japan on their list! Check out this list of Hostels and Guest Houses to rest your feet and create more memories!

10 Most Beautiful Caves in Japan

Japan is a wonderful country, both inside and out. With this list of caves, you'll be able to find its true inner beauty, no doubt! great for outdoor enthusiasts, but is it really outdoors?

Fukushima Exclusion Zone 1-Day Tour: A Great Day Trip From Tokyo

This will give you an overview on what to expect on our 1-Day Fukushima Exclusion Zone Tour. It will also give you insights which places you are going to visit and clear prejudices of Fukushima Area.
Travel tips

10 Must Have Items When Traveling in Japan

Don't let a simple problem ruin an amazing trip! Make sure you've got everything ready to streamline your adventure in Japan.

10 Best Paragliding Spots in Japan!

Soar like a bird and take to the skies to see the magic of Japan! Paragliding is the ultimate way to see Japan and an incredible adventure for the entire family!
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