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5 Best Izakaya Alleys in Osaka

Get the best experience of local, late night vibes in Osaka! Izakayas are the places to be, and these alleyways are perfect for hopping between them for a memorable night!

10 Unique Izakaya in Tokyo

Looking for a wacky Izakaya experience in Tokyo? These choices are off the wall for sure, but don't worry- they still have Nomihoudai!
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All About Umeshu: Japanese Plum Wine

Everything you need to know about Japanese plum wine - or umeshu - including its history, how to drink it and even how to make it at home! If you are looking for famous plum wine brands, you'll find them here as well
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Locals’ Guide to Drinking in Tokyo

Wondering where the best bars, izakayas, and dives are in Tokyo? Look no further than our guide!
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What Is Izakaya?: Japanese Way of Drinking

An izakaya is a popular Japanese style bar, where people go for drinks and food after work. It plays a big role in the Japanese culture! In this article we will explain you all there is to need to know about the izakaya culture in Japan!
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