Japanese language


The Ultimate Guide to Learning Japanese

Planning to come to Japan? It's always a good idea to learn some key phrases before embarking. Check out our ultimate guide to learning Japanese!

The Best Ways to Learn Japanese

Intent on learning Japanese in order to enjoy your stay in Japan even more, but not sure where to begin? Read our tips for the best ways to learn and study Japanese!

Why You Should Learn Japanese

Ever wondered if learning Japanese would be something for you? Read on to learn about the many benefits of knowing the Japanese language!
Cultural tips

10 Best Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo 2024

If you want to learn Japanese in Japan, make sure to check this list of the best language schools in Tokyo! With courses on everything from business Japanese to university prep, there's surely one that will fit your needs.
Cultural tips

5 Useful Japanese Phrases for Work

Dreaming of working for a Japanese company or already have some Japanese colleagues? Learn some simple Japanese words and phrases which will come in handy in any work situation in Japan!

10 Japanese Words for Describing Personalities

Want to learn how to describe yourself and others in Japanese? These super-specific Japanese vocabulary words will help you describe people's personalities and unique characteristics!
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