Places to visit in Japan

10 Real Life Locations From “Sanctuary”: Netflix’s Sumo Drama

In the new Netflix original series "Sanctuary," a hot-headed and rebellious sumo wrestler tries to make his way in the sumo world. "Sanctuary" was filmed in Japan, so you are able to go see these locations in real life!

Japanese Martial Arts

Martial arts are a huge part of Japanese culture. But which is which? Learn more about what makes each Japanese martial art different and how they have developed over time

Sports Events in Tokyo – Getting Tickets to Sumo, Baseball, and More!

In this article we will highlights the most important sport events and competitions in Tokyo and explain how to get tickets to visit!

Planning Your Trip To Japan – Tickets You’ll Want to Buy Beforehand

When travelling there are always things you wish you had known before you left your home country. Here is a list of things you want to know before travelling so that you don't get disappointed!

Sumo Wrestling: A Complete Overview and How to Get Sumo Tickets

Sumo is Japanese national sport, the Japanese style of wrestling, is very popular and has many religious traditions. Every year six tournaments take place.
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