Traditional Japan


How to Spend Valentine’s Day in Japan 2023

Valentine's Day in Japan is a popular event, celebrated in a unique way. In this article we will explain the Japanese customs and tradition on February 14th!

What is Setsubun? Traditional Bean-Throwing Event in February

Setsubun is one of the traditional events in Japan in February. In this article, we will explain about the history of Setsubun and things to do on that day!

Japanese Religious Beliefs: Yakudoshi

In Japan, some years in life are considered unlucky. Read all you need to know about Yakudoshi and how to ward off your bad luck in this blog.
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The Old Japanese Names for the Months: Meanings and Origins

Today we use the numbers for the name of the month, but the old Japanese names have a deeper meaning, related to nature and rituals.

Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Japan

We explain everything you need to know about the Japanese traditional wedding ceremony including what to wear, rules and what rituals to follow!

Seven Lucky Gods Pilgrimage: New Year’s Tradition in Japan

Seven Lucky Gods are an eclectic group of deities from Japan, India, and China which originated from Shinto, Buddhism and Hinduism. Seven Lucky Gods Pilgrimage aka Shichifukujin Meguri in Japanese is a New Year tradition in Japan. Visit temples to collect seven stamps and it is said to bring in good fortune and blessing throughout the year.

Traditional Japanese Clothing and Accessories

Kimono is the most well-known but there're more to learn. We introduce a wide range of Japanese traditional fashion and accessories.

How to Spend New Year’s Holidays in Japan

The New Year holiday is the most important holiday in Japan with many unique customs and events. In this blog we will share how to celebrate New Year in Japan!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo Attractions: Traditional vs Modern

Tokyo is a modern city with many skyscrapers but you can enjoy historical sites too. Here we compared Tokyo attractions from both traditional and modern aspects!

Best Japanese Gardens in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the largest metropolitans in the world, yet you will be surprised the number of traditional Japanese gardens you can find in this busy and populated city. In this article, we will introduce the concept of Japanese gardens and famous Japanese gardens you can visit in Tokyo.
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