Places to visit in Tokyo

Cultural Experiences

The Must See Shrines & Temples in Kanto Region

Are you interested in shrines and temples? One of the purposes to come to Japan is probably to visit these religious bu...
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

SUSHI DAI vs DAIWA SUSHI vs Others at Toyosu market

Tsukiji "inner" market closed and moved to TOYOSU market last year. Sushi restaurants at the former market including the two most famous ones: SUSHI DAI and DAIWA SUSHI also moved to Toyosu Market now.
Places to visit in Tokyo

3 Best Areas to Enjoy Architecture in Tokyo

When you visit Tokyo, you can see many new buildings and skyscrapers instead of a lot of historical sites. When you loo...
Food & Drinks

Best 5 Local shopping street to enjoy a walk-and-eat in Tokyo

Many traveler would love to go somewhere local and eat at non-touristic restaurant. If you are foodie, I strongly rec...
Day trips from Tokyo

Beautiful views of Autumn Leaves, One Day Trip from Tokyo: Kamakura, Hakone, Fuji Five Lakes, Nikko and inner Tokyo

Hi, we are Japan Wonder Travel who is a travel agency mainly offers unique tours for foreign independent travelers. We w...

10 Ghibli Movie Locations You Can Visit in Japan – Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke and More!

There are some places Studio Ghibli got some inspirations for the movie. Here we introduce 10 locations you can actually visit in Japan and also a couple of places all the Ghibli fans should go.
Places to visit in Tokyo

Escape to Odaiba From Tokyo

Spend some time in Odaiba, and entertainment complex and shopping mall full of surprises. Cityscapes and statues of libe...
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