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Itoshima Places to visit in Japan

Fukuoka is the biggest prefecture in the Kyushu region which boasts more than 5 million population. As both an economic and business center, it offers a range of exciting experiences which allow visitors to get close to the cutting-edge technologies and modern entertaining experiences in Japan. In the meantime, if you take one step further outside the heart of the city, you can easily find peaceful places featuring plenty of nature. Itoshima is a small city that is adjacent to Fukuoka city but still has a peaceful atmosphere and relaxing nature spot which is a perfect destination for a day trip when you are in Fukuoka. Here is an ultimate guide for Itoshima! 

How to get to Itoshima from Fukuoka City? 

By car 

If you plan a day trip to Itoshima from Fukuoka City, the easiest way is to rent a car. It takes about 30min to get there if you take a toll road. You can also choose an ordinary road for a lower cost. 

  1. Toll road
    Time: 30min Cost around 1,000 yen (it may vary) 
  2. Ordinary road
    Time: 50min Cost: Free

By train 

Take the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line from JR Hakata station and it is about a 50min-ride to the Itoshima area. From Fukuoka Airport, there is also a direct train service heading for Itoshima!

  1. Train from JR Hakata to Itoshima
    Take the Fukuoka City Subway via Meinohama Station and get off at Chikuzen-Maebaru Station
    Time: 40min Cost: ¥580 (one way)
  1. Train from Fukuoka Airport to Itoshima
    Take the Fukuoka City Subway via Meinohama Station and get off at Chikuzen-Maebaru Station
    Time: 45min Cost: ¥620 (One way)

By bus 

Express bus service is also available from JR Hakata station and Tenjin. 

  1. Express Bus from Hakata to Itoshima
    Take いと・しま号(Itoshima go) from Hakata Bus Terminal and get off at Maebara
    Time: 55min Cost: ¥650 (One way)
  2. Express Bus from Tenjin to Itoshima
    Take いと・しま号(Itoshima go) from Tenjin 4 chome and get off at Maebara
    Time: 40min Cost:¥650(One Way) 

Compare the possible options above carefully and choose the best one depending on your budget and itinerary. As the number of buses and other public transport is limited in the Itoshima area, renting a car is highly recommended if you have a driving license in Japan

Best things to do in Itoshima

Once you get to Itoshima, we recommend you rent a bicycle to explore scenic natural spots, white sandy beaches, cozy cafes, and peaceful townscapes. You can rent electric bicycles and cross bicycles at Itoshima Tourism Association which is conveniently located right in front of JR Chikuzen-Maebaru Station. 

Opening hours 9am – 3pm
*You have to return rental bicycles by 5pm
Fee (electric bike) ¥600/2h ¥1,000/4h ¥1,500/8h

Sakurai Futamigaura (桜井二見ヶ浦) 

Sakurai Futamigaura is officially chosen among the top 100 scenic beaches in Japan. It welcomes visitors with the iconic pair of giant rocks standing in the seat which is called wedded rocks. They are connected with each other with a traditional straw rope called Shimenawa, which can be often seen at sacred places such as shrines in Japan. White Torii gate stands on the shore which creates an impressive contrast with the beautiful blue beach. 

Itoshima Fukuoka

Raizan Sennyoji Temple (雷山千如寺)

Raizan Sennyoji Temple is a sacred Buddhist Temple nestled halfway up Mt.Raizan with a history of more than 1,300 years. It’s a popular place for autumn foliage, during fall when the temple grounds are completely covered with stunning autumn colors! Spring and early summer are also the perfect seasons to visit when seasonal flowers such as sakura and lush greenery fascinate visitors. Don’t forget to take a glimpse of historic Buddhist statues designated as Important Cultural Property as well. 

Opening hours 9:30-4pm
Admissions ¥400(adults) Free admission for children (under junior high school student)

Akutaya Beach (芥屋海水浴場)

Akutaya Beach boasts crystal-clear water which is perfect for swimming and marine activities. Spring might be too early to get in the water, but you can still enjoy a relaxing stroll in the sea breeze in comfortable weather! During summer season, beach houses open and sell refreshing offerings such as shaved ice and light meals. Mt.Tateishi is a 210-meter hill which is accessible from the beach. It offers a panoramic view of the sea and surroundings areas. 

Shiraito Falls (白糸の滝)

Mt. Hagane is home to Shiraito Waterfalls, a symbolic waterfall officially chosen as a prefectural scenic natural spot. White cascades dropping from the height of 24 meters creates a stunning scenery along with the refreshing atmosphere. From the late June to the early July, Hydrangea Festival is held annually which fascinates visitors with over 5,000 hydrangeas flowers!

Palm Tree Swing (ヤシの木ブランコ)

This is the most instagrammable spot in Itoshima, a unique swing which is installed between two palm trees standing at the scenic beach in the eastern Itoshima area. Let your mind go back to your childhood while feeling the gentle sea breeze on the swing! Make sure to visit Zauo Itoshima Honten (ざうお糸島本店) nearby to enjoy the fresh seafood directly delivered from the sea. 

Itoshima Fukuoka

Best Cafés around Itoshima

  1. Sumi Café

Small but very cozy café which was renovated from a traditional house which is over 120 years old. Try the most popular pudding with salt and caramel. Light meals are also available such as a salted pork burger and sandwiches. 

Opening hours 10am – 5pm Closed on Thursday and Friday

  1. London Bus Café

Don’t miss the creamy, rich gelato served on a real London bus imported from the U.K! They offer original gelato which comes in a variety of flavors including seasonal fruits. It is particularly popular as a photogenic spot with a red bus along with the beautiful sea! 

Opening hours 11am – sunset

The Best Guided Tour in Fukuoka 

Fukuoka One Day Highlight Private Walking Tour

This private walking tour will take you to important sightseeing spots in Fukuoka, such as Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and Kushida Shrine. With backstories behind the area, your trip will be more profound with a deeper understanding of the area! Destinations are customizable upon your request. 

Fukuoka 1–Day Highlight Private Walking Tour (Customizable, 7 Hours)
Fukuoka is located on the western side of Japan and is the entrance gate of Kyusyu island. It is famous for delicious fo...

If you are planning a trip to the Fukuoka area, Itoshima is definitely a must-visit that you shouldn’t miss! Spring and early summer is especially the best season of the year to spend a refreshing time exploring natural spots and trying outdoor activities there. Get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and let yourself unwind in the leisurely atmosphere at Itoshima!

Places we mentioned above: opening hours might be different during COVID-19 

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Happy travelling!

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