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It is said that it’s pretty difficult to be a vegan or vegetarian in Japan since Japanese traditional cuisine often uses seafood or animal based ingredients. That’s true in a sense, but in a big city like Tokyo which easily catches up the world’s trend, it’s different. You can find a fair amount of vegan restaurants in Tokyo, especially the Shibuya area. Here we introduce the best vegan restaurants you can try in Shibuya! 

1. Brown Rice 

Sophisticated ambiance surrounded by greens, Brown Rice is located in a quiet neighborhood in the Omotesando area. You can enjoy the vegan Japanese teishoku, a set meal which consists of rice, soup, and a couple of dishes using local and seasonal ingredients. They visit farmers and choose the ingredients by themselves, and cook them at the restaurant without using any artificial food. With care for body and mind, they serve beautifully made Japanese traditional dishes in a modern way. 

11:30am-6pm (Last order 5pm) (time might change during Covid-19) 
5-1-8 jingumae,shibuya-ku Tokyo 

2. Reimen Dining TSURUSHIKO 

Reimen is  a Koren origin cold noodle which is recreated in a Japanese way in Morioka in the Tohoku region. TSURUSHIKO features various kinds of Reimen including a vegan menu with only natural ingredients. Even if you already have had Reimen before, their menu is still eye-opening. Typical Reimen is cold noodles in beef broth with toppings such as kimuchi and a boiled egg, but their vegan menu varies, such as curry reimen, avocado raimen and vegetable soup reimen. They have English menu and it’s clearly written what ingredients they use on the menu. 

Lunch 11:30am-4pm, Dinner 5:30pm-9pm (time might change during Covid-19) 
1-27-6 Higashi Shibuya, Tokyo 

3. Hideout Burrito 

Opened in 2019, Hideout Burrito serves L.A. inspired burrito including vegan menus. They also serve meat and seafood burrito, so it’s a good place to grab a bite when you go out with non-vegan friends as well. Additional points is, they cook vegan menus separately using different cooking tools and oils, so that you can enjoy the delicious vegan burrito without any worries. It’s available on Uber Eats, when you feel lazy but eat some healthy junk food, try burrito from Hideout! 

11am-5am (time might change during Covid-19) 
35−4 B1F Udagawacho Shibuya, Tokyo

4. Nagi Shokudo 

Being a little away from the busy streets of Shibuya, Nagi Shokudo, a small vegan restaurant is nestled in a nice neighborhood of Uguisudanicho. They serve a unique and tasteful vegan menu such as soy-meat karaage set and coconut curry. It’s a hidden gem to spend time comfortably, the owner of this restaurant has his own record label and issued music magazines. He also wrote a couple of books related to this restaurant and vegan menu recipe book.

Lunch 12pm-3pm, Dinner 6pm-11pm (time might change during Covid-19) 
15-10 Uguisudanicho Shibuya, Tokyo

5. Mominoki House

Opened in 1976, Mominoki House runs with the concept “you’re what you eat” serving organic meals with carefully chosen ingredients. They also serve non-vegan meals but everything organic. Popular vegan menus are vegan karaage and vegetable curry which uses 12 different spices and herbs. 

2 Chome-18-5 Jingumae Shibuya, Tokyo 
Weekdays: lunch 11am-3pm, dinner 5pm-11pm (reservation required at dinner time) 
Weekend:  lunch 11am-3pm, dinner 5pm-10pm  (reservation required at dinner time) 
time might change during Covid-19

6. Milan Nataraj

It’s the first vegetarian Indian restaurant located in several locations in Tokyo including Shibuya. Some meals use dairy products but vegan menus are also available. They only serve organic vegetables grown at their private farm. Not only vegan but also they offer gluten free and other kinds of vegetarian meals. With the rich knowledge about Indian spices that can be medicine for body and mind, Milan Nataraj uses different spices on each curry. 

11:30am-10pm (time might change during Covid-19) 
1-22-7 Iwamoto Building 3F Jinnan Shibuya, Tokyo 


Opened in 2014, quite literally from the name of the restaurant, they only use organic vegetables grown at their private farm. Simple seasonings are perfect to savor their seasonal vegetables that are directly sent from their own farm every morning. It’s not a completely vegan restaurant, there are not many choices during lunch time but more vegan menus are available for dinner. If you practice a strict vegan diet, we recommend you to visit for dinner! 

Lunch 11:30am-3pm, Dinner 5pm-11:30pm (time might change during Covid-19) 
1-28-11 1F Pigeon Shoto Shibuya, Tokyo 

8. Kuumba du Falafel

Rarely found in Japan, it’s a falafel specialty shop. Try a falafel sandwich or plate which has a good amount of veggies! Lunch set comes with a half falafel sandwich and soup, it’s worth a 15 minute walk from the central part of Shibuya. This one-man operated shop is well hidden without any big sign, but once you find there, you will be in love with their food! 

Lunch 11:30am-9pm (Tue-Sat), 11:30am-7pm (Sun & Holiday)
Closed on Monday  (time might change during Covid-19)
23-1 Shinsencho Shibuya, Tokyo 


Fine delicatessen located in several places in Tokyo, CITY SHOP serves a variety of deli menus. Perfect place to enjoy delicious salad and sweets, and vegan hamburger at the stylish cefe space. Conveniently located at SHIBUYA CAST near Miyashita Park, it’ll be a good choice when you are looking for a place after shopping around the area. 

9am-9pm  (time might change during Covid-19)
SHIBUYA CAST Ground Floor 1-23-21 Shibuya, Tokyo 

10. BiO cafe 

Entirely organic, BiO cafe is  located in the middle of Spain-zaka (Spain Slope) in Shibuya which is only 4 minutes away from the station.  It’s not a complete vegan restaurant but enough menus are available for vegan and also gluten free. From dinner courses to macrobiotic sweets, you can visit for any situation days and nights. 

Lunch 11am-4pm, Cafe time 11am-6pm, Dinner 6pm-8pm 
16-14 Udagawacho Shibuya, Tokyo  

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