8 Best Sports Bars in Tokyo

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Whether you love watching your favorite sports alone or with your friends, going to a sports bar is always a fun experience. There is nowhere quite like a sports bar where you can share thrilling moments with others while cheering on your favorite team and enjoying good food and drink. You are bound to meet other big sports fans and may even be lucky enough to run into someone who is rooting for your team too. However, in Japan, it can be hard to find good places that actually broadcast the sports you like from back home. But don’t worry, we have put together a list of the best sports bars in Tokyo where you can watch all of your favorite sports!   

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1. Hobgoblin (Shibuya)

hobgoblin bar
Dennis Amith, (CC BY-NC 2.0), via flickr

Located about a 2-minute walk from JR Shibuya station, Hobgoblin Shibuya is a popular sports bar that opened up in 2004. This British-style sports bar has two locations in Tokyo, making it easily accessible and particularly popular among international sports fans. Inside the cozy pub you will find classical hardwood furniture that was directly imported from the UK. They have big TV’s on which they show live sporting events from around the world every day. They also offer a wide variety of pub-style dishes that include traditional British fish & chips, tasty homemade pies, pizzas and hamburgers which go perfectly well with their original craft beers

Hours: 5pm – 12am (Monday – Friday), 12pm – 12am (weekends & holidays)  

2. HUB (Multiple locations)

Photo by HUB

If you are seeking your first PUB experience in Japan, HUB is just the place for you. It is another popular British-style PUB that boasts multiple locations in cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, and others. They are particularly famous among people who enjoy watching a wide variety of sports including football, rugby, and horse racing among others.
Their food menu is reasonably priced(typically less than ¥1,000) and anyone can have a good time without having to worry about spending too much. They also have HAPPY HOUR which is available until 7p.m. HUB Ale is their original beer brand which combines a perfect balance of sweet and bitter that you will only be able to find at their pubs.

Hours: Vary depending on location. Please check their official website for details on each location. 

3. Mogambo Tokyo (Roppongi)

Roppongi is a very active nightlife area and therefore is home to some of Tokyo’s best sports bars. Mogambo is conveniently located and is only a short walk from JR Roppongi station. They also have some overseas locations in places like Singapore and Hong Kong. Not only do they show exciting games and events on their big screen TV’s, but they also host annual seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas. Enjoy hanging out with your friends, meeting new people, or taking a comfy seat at the bar counter and chatting with their friendly bartenders. Their drink menu includes beer, wine, cocktails, Nihon-shu and many other drinks that you can order for happy hour prices from 6pm until 9pm.       

Hours: 6pm – 6am (Monday – Friday), 7pm – 6am (Saturdays), Closed on Sundays

4. Ginza 300 Bar (Ginza)

If you are looking for a memorable sports bar experience on a limited budget, Ginza 300 bar is a great place to drink. Opened in 1992, this casual bar is best known for their surprisingly affordable drink menu which is all just ¥300! Their food menu is also reasonably priced and nothing on their menu is more than ¥1,000. They have three locations in the Ginza area that are all conveniently located. The interior of the bar has a classical style and a casual atmosphere which will make you feel right at home. Upon entering the bar, you need to pay a cover charge in which you will receive tickets that you can use for drinks and dishes at the counter. Ginza 300 Bar Next is their newest location which is perfect for watching games and events.            

Hours: 5pm – 2am (Monday – Friday), 3pm – 2am (weekends & holidays)

5. The FooTNiK (Ebisu)

Located only about a 2-minute walk from Ebisu station, The FootNiK is a popular sports bar that is a must-visit if you are a big soccer fan. Opened in 1996, this bar is exclusively dedicated to providing a welcoming space that shows a range of professional soccer matches on their huge screens. They have an English menu available and the pub is always packed with international customers from all over the world. Some of their staff also speak fluent English and are easy and fun to communicate with. They have a great selection of both Japanese and international craft beer from countries such as Germany and Ireland. If you are worried about it being too crowded, they even give you the option of booking yourself a comfortable seat so you don’t miss out on any of the action!        

Hours: 3pm – 1am (everyday)

6. Benoa Ginza (Ginza)

Benoa Ginza is a perfect spot to watch sports in the Ginza area. It takes about 3 minutes from Ginza station on the Tokyo Metro Line to the Benoa Ginza building which has four floors. Each floor is different and can be used for several things such as wedding ceremonies, luxury private parties, and music events to name a few. One of the floors usually operates as a darts bar but is occasionally used as a venue for watching some of the more popular international sporting events. The room is equipped with a projector and five large screens which will allow you to enjoy each event to its fullest! You can also order drinks like beer, cocktails and champagne at a bar counter.              

Hours: 12pm – 5am (everyday)

7. The Aldgate (Shibuya)

Photo by @thealdgate

The Aldgate is an authentic British-style pub in the Shibuya area. It is a short walk from Shibuya station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzo-mon Line to get to the cozy pub that has been around for over 20 years. The pub has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere making it a place that anyone can enjoy. Try their large selection of tasty craft beers that have been carefully collected from all over the world. Their food menu includes traditional British dishes such as fish & chips and delicious homemade beef pies. They have 4 TV screens on which they show soccer and rugby matches every night. If you are a music fan, they also have music playing in the background and they are always taking requests!  

Hours: 6pm – 11:30pm (Monday – Friday), 5pm – 11:30pm (Saturdays, Sundays & holidays)

8. Sports Bar Sector 7G (Shinjuku)

Sports Bar Sector 7G is one of the best sports bars that the Shinjuku area has to offer. This small bar and their friendly English speaking staff welcomes everyone with a warm smile, making you feel comfortable and at ease. They have 3 massive screens showing live games and matches as well as two darts machines that you can play on with your friends while sipping on some refreshing drinks. They have tables that are suitable for small groups, or if you come solo, you can have a seat at the counter and enjoy their tasty beers on tap. The pub is conveniently located close to Kabukicho and Golden-gai where you can experience the memorable nightlife in Japan.         

Hours: 6pm – 6am (Monday – Friday), 3pm – 6am (Saturdays), 3pm – 12am (Sundays)

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Sports bars are a great place to enjoy a wide range of sporting events alongside other sports fans. Tokyo is home to some of the best sports bars in Japan that all offer their own unique experience. They can be an affordable alternative if you want to drink and eat(and of course watch sports) but don’t want to splurge at a fancy restaurant or bar. Visiting sports bars in Tokyo will also provide you with the opportunity to make new friends that you are bound to have something in common with. We hope you found a place or two that you want to check out and that next time you are in Japan you can visit some of the best sports bars in Tokyo!  

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Happy traveling!

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