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Food & Drinks

15 Typical Japanese Meals At Home

Sushi and ramen are very famous, but Japanese home cooking that people eat daily is the best! Here is our list of 15 typical Japanese home meals and you can try them at home.
Food & Drinks in Kyoto

10 Must Visit Coffee Shops In Kyoto

Kyoto has a great mix of trendy coffee bars and traditional Japanese places. Here we have listed some of our favourite places you should visit!
Food & Drinks

Japanese Foods You Must Eat – And Can (Try To) Make Yourself!

If you’re new to Japanese cuisine, don’t worry – we’ll go through the basics. These are the essential Japanese foods to try on your visit, most of which can be found in any Japanese city, and there are some you can even try to make by yourself.
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A Guide To Noodles In Japan

Noodles form an integral part of the Japanese food culture. In this article we'll explain the different types and how to enjoy them best!
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A Guide To Japanese Sake

Japanese Sake is so closely intertwined with the traditions and culture of Japan, it would be a shame to visit the country without trying some of this famous beverage. But what is sake exactly? Are there any differences? In this article, we introduce different types of sake, the making process and things to know before you order.
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7 Popular Fruits in Japan – Best Places and Timing To Enjoy Them

Have you seen the ridiculously expensive, square melon or the juicy, ping pong ball sized grapes of Japan? Here's an overview of the most popular, funny and expensive foods in Japan and their respective seasons.
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All You Need to Know about Ramen in Japan!

Here is a complete guide to everyone's favorite, Ramen in Japan! Introduction to the classic flavors to unique ones, and useful tips and phrases you can use at the ramen restaurant.
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The Ultimate Guide to the Japanese ‘Konbini’

The Japanese konbini are the best in the world. They sell a wide range of products and offer many convenient services such as printing, free toilets, event tickets sale etc. Here we will explain everything you can do at the Japanese konbini!
Food & Drinks

Japan’s Food Culture: Ekiben!

Ekiben literally refers to a lunch box from the station, a delicious lunch box you can enjoy on your train trip. When you are in Japan, get yourself an ekiben like a local! In this article we explain the concept of ekiben and how to enjoy it best!
Food & Drinks

Winter Food You Should Try in Japan

Warm yourself with some delicious winter foods in Japan. You can easily prepare for them and enjoy at home too!
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