Outdoor Activities

Places to visit in Japan

7 Best Bungee Jumping Spots in Japan

If you are looking for some extraordinary and thrilling experience in Japan, try bungee jump! Here we introduce the best bungee jumping spot!

10 Best Destinations In Japan For Cycling

Japan is a great country for cycling and caters to all levels. Here we have listed some of the best scenic routes that are perfect for cycling in Japan!

12 Perfect Glamping Sites Near Tokyo!

Do you know Glamping? It's Glamorous + Camping, which allows you to have a luxury camping experience. In this article, we introduce you to the best glamping sites near Tokyo!

A Guide to Solo Camping in Japan with “Laid-Back Camp” Locations

Sometimes it's good to be away from your hectic life and relax in nature. Having alone time and letting yourself free would help you get rid of some stress or worries in your daily life. Here we introduce some tips for solo camping and great locations in Japan based on the popular anime called "Laid-Back Camp".

The Best Fully Equipped Camping Sites Near Tokyo

Close to Tokyo you have several fully equipped camping sites. Here are 10 great options where you can enjoy the goodness of nature, but also have some luxury!
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