Best Places To Visit in Fukui

Fukui is a mountainous prefecture which is in the Chubu region (literally translated as central part), just north of Kyoto prefecture. There are a number of tourist attractions, surrounded by beautiful nature and the prefecture has been visited by an increasing number of international tourists. n this article, we will introduce must visit spots in Fukui!

10 Best Places to Visit in Saitama

Saitama offers a variety of tourist spots from beautiful nature to historical sites. "Little Edo" Kawagoe, Nagatoro and Chichibu etc. here are the best places to visit in Saitama prefecture!

Best Places To Visit in Gunma

Gunma prefecture is a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and volcanos, famous for many great onsen and the birthplace of Daruma dolls!
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Best Things to do in Kanagawa

Kanagawa prefecture has popular tourist attractions such as Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone, Yokosuka etc, we introduce the best things to do in Kanagawa!

Best Places to Visit in Chiba

Chiba prefecture is located just east of Tokyo and the number one most-visited for tourists is... Narita International Airport! A large part of the prefecture is made up of the Boso Peninsula, which offers popular tourists’ destinations especially for people from Kanto region. Chiba features one of the longest beaches in Japan (60 km!), a large aquarium, historical sites, one of the most important temples in the country, the most visited theme parks in Japan, and much more. Here are our recommended places to visit in Chiba.

13 Best Places to Visit in Ibaraki

Ibaraki prefecture is less than an hour away from Tokyo, and has great spots to enjoy nature and historical sites. Here are the best places to visit in Ibaraki.

Best Places to Visit in Kyushu – Complete Guide to Kyushu!

Here is the complete guide to Kyushu region in Japan to help you start planning your next Japan trip. The best places to visit and things to do per area in Kyushu includes everything you should know visit before you go!

Best Places to Visit in The Tohoku Region – Complete Guide to Tohoku!

Complete guide to Tohoku region in Japan! Here we introduce the best things to do per area to make it easier to plan your next trip in Japan!

Best Things to Do in Osaka – An Overview Per Area

Along with Tokyo, Osaka is one of the most urbanised cities in Japan. This harbour city is widely known for its' unique atmosphere and lively and welcoming people living there. The entire city is (quite literally) full of energy, and offers a totally different experience to visitors from what you can experience in Tokyo. The tasty local dishes, entertaining theme parks, and historical spots co-exist within the small, but also rapidly developing city. Let us help you understand the different areas of Osaka and their respective highlights!

Best Places to Visit in Saga

Here we listed the best things to do and places to visit in Saga prefecture, Kyushu region in Japan! Onsen hot springs, parks, shrine and more!
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