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When you think of Japanese fashion and clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the colorful Harajuku style that was trending in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Originating from the hip and happening Tokyo neighborhood of Harajuku, this creative and hugely popular Japanese fashion trend gained world-wide fame. But what does the Japanese fashion scene look like in 2022? Is colorful apparel still in style, or have trends changed? Let’s have a look at what’s popular in Japan today!

Vintage Clothes

Vintage neon sign
Even the shop sign is vintage

Environmentally friendly and a true treasure trove for people looking for something unique, second-hand clothing stores in Japan have become very popular over the last few years. Neighborhoods like Shimokitazawa, Koenji and Shibuya are home to countless vintage shops, sometimes with a special theme such as mid-20th century or old American fashion. Young, trendy people don’t necessarily shop second-hand to save money – items often go for more than their original price tag – but simply want to put together an outfit that is personal and one-of-a-kind. High end clothing brands also make for coveted vintage items, and some can even serve as an investment that doesn’t lose its value.

Oversized Clothes

The average Japanese person has a rather slim build which lends itself perfectly for looking good in oversized fashion. Over the last decade, oversized clothing has become extremely trendy amongst everyone from teens to people well into their 30s. When you walk around a busy area like Shibuya, you will see plenty of baggy pants, long, voluminous skirts as well as oversized sweaters and t-shirts. Besides the fact that most Japanese are able to wear a larger size than needed while still looking good, dressing modestly has always been a theme in Japanese fashion. In fact, the traditional kimono was designed to be non-revealing and not show any curves. Today, many people still feel most comfortable in clothes that don’t give away too much of what’s underneath.


Ewan Munro from London, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Plaid is traditionally part of traditional British school uniforms and has always been associated with religion and status. The checkered pattern has also made it into many of Japan’s high school uniforms and is therefore linked to an image of innocence and youth. But even if you are already well past high school age, you can still wear plaid in Japan! Of course, one of the most common manifestations of plaid are the kawaii schoolgirl-style skirts, but that’s not the only way you will see this material used in Japanese fashion. Many young men like to wear colorful plaid pants, and then there are the popular oversized dresses made completely from this material. Since its invention in the early 90s, Harajuku-style has evolved into many sub-styles, one of which heavily uses plaid. Creative young fashionistas make entire outfits from this material, decking themselves out in plaid from hats to shoes.

Animal Print

Animal print shoes
Hear the clacking of animal printed heels? It’s the Osaka Obachan coming for you!

Now this one is not for everyone, and in Japan, wearing animal print is even associated with a very specific demographic: the Osaka Obachan! As the name implies, these ladies hail from Osaka and are years past entering the stage of life called middle-age, but that doesn’t stop them from being loud and energetic. An Osaka Obachan is easy to recognize not only from her outgoing and friendly character, but also by the way she dresses: not only is she loud to the ears, but also to the eyes with her striking tiger- or leopard-printed shirts or pants (sometimes even both at the same time) and colorful accessories. If you admire their daring style, there are plenty of shops in Osaka that can provide you with a great assortment of animal print clothing, but surprisingly enough statistics show that Saitama prefecture apparently takes the crown for most animal printed purchases.

Print and Designer Masks

Turn your mask into a fashion statement!

Mask-wearing has been a thing in Japan for decades, and even before the pandemic hit in 2020, a large percentage of people would frequently be wearing masks in public. Hence, print and designer masks have existed in Japan for a long time, but since 2020 the number of cool, cute and imaginative masks has been increasing like never before. No matter where you are in Japan you can now get reusable (and single-use) masks with interesting prints, branded masks and masks made of special materials like denim or extra breathable fabrics. Even when traveling, you will see unique souvenir masks in popular tourist spots with a design specifically representing the destination. The fact that commerce jumped in to create these souvenir masks is not surprising at all, as Japan has a tradition of selling ‘useful’ souvenirs in addition to ‘collectible’ souvenirs such as magnets and trinkets.

Wide Leg Pants

Wide pants and top
Wide pants + tight top = hot 2022 trend

In line with Japan’s love for oversized clothes, the now-trending wide leg pants deserve a special mention. Inspired by traditional worker’s pants known as ‘nikkapokka’ (from the American word ‘knickerbocker’) and samurai-worn hakama, men and women like to pair these comfortable pants with a tight-fitting t-shirt, sometimes combined with a jacket. Especially during the hot and humid Japanese summer, this loose-fitting garment protects your legs from sunburns while allowing in air to keep you cool.

Fashion Tour in Tokyo

Takeshita dori Harajuku

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