History of Dejima in Nagasaki

Dejima, a man-made small island in Nagasaki, is a historical site that used to be a part of trading port in 17th-19th century. Let’s learn more about its intriguing history and what you can still see at Dejima today!
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What is Samurai and Where to Experience Bushido in Japan

Here you can find a brief history of samurai and understand its role, and how they became so powerful in Japan. We will also introduce the basic concept of Bushido, the way of the samurai and the best experiences that you can find in Japan!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo Imperial Palace: All You Need to Know

As a popular and historic tourist attraction in Tokyo, Imperial Palace is visited by numerous visitors all year round. The current Imperial Palace is built on the former Edo Castle grounds and is surrounded by a moat and large stone walls. It contains several buildings, including some residences for the Imperial Family. It will be impossible to visit these parts of the park-like area, but there are many ways to enjoy the palace buildings and parts of the grounds.

History of Japan: Showa Period (1926-1989)

The Showa Period is a relatively long period of time in the Japanese history marked by the events of the WOII and Japan's internationalisation. Read more about the eventful time in the Japanese history and where you can experience reminders of the 60 years of time.

The History of Geisha: What are Geisha and where are they today

The distinct white makeup, elegant kimonos, and elaborate hairstyles- Geisha are artisans and purveyors of traditional Japanese culture. But what is Geisha and where are they today? In this article, we’ll talk about the origins of geishas and where to find them today.

History of Japan: From Late 19th Century to Present Day

What happened in the modern history of Japan? Here is a brief overview of Japanese history from the late Edo period to the present day.

How to Celebrate Children’s Day in Japan

On May 5th, it's Children's Day in Japan. It is deeply connected to Shinto and traditional custom wishing for a good health and happiness for children.

History of Japan: Heian Period (794-1185)

Heian period (794-1185) is considered as a turning point in Japan for cultural and political aspects. Here we introduce the brief history of the Heian Period!

How to Become “Maiko”, Apprentice Geisha, in Japan

The glorious world of Maiko looks perfect, but becoming Maiko is another story. Years of hard work and strict training, what process should it take to become Maiko, teenage apprentice Geisha in Kyoto?

5 Hidden Buddha Statues “Hibutsu” in Japan

Hibutsu literally means secret (hidden) Buddha statues that are only opened to the public for limited times. Here're 5 beautiful Hibutsu that you can see relatively easier in Japan.
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