Modern History of Japan: From Late 19th Century to Present Day

What happened in the modern history of Japan? Here is a brief overview of Japanese history from the late Edo period to the present day.

How to Celebrate Children’s Day in Japan

On May 5th, it's Children's Day in Japan. It is deeply connected to Shinto and traditional custom wishing for a good health and happiness for children.

History of Japan: Heian Period (794-1185)

Heian period (794-1185) is considered as a turning point in Japan for cultural and political aspects. Here we introduce a brief history of the Heian Period!

Maiko, Apprentice Geisha in Japan

The glorious world of Maiko looks perfect, but becoming Maiko is another story. Years of hard work and strict training, what process should it take to become Maiko, teenage apprentice Geisha in Kyoto?

5 Hidden Buddha Statues “Hibutsu” in Japan

Hibutsu literally means secret (hidden) Buddha statues that are only opened to the public for limited times. Here're 5 beautiful Hibutsu that you can see relatively easier in Japan.

History of Japan: Taisho Period (1912-1926)

Taisho period is a short period between 1912 to 1926 in Japan. Many dramatic changes had been made across the political, economic and cultural fields during the period. In this article, we introduce the brief history of the Taisho period that gave a huge impact on Japanese lifestyle.

Gunkanjima: History of Abandoned Island in Japan

Gunkanjima is an uninhabited island that is located approximately 17.5 km southwest of Nagasaki prefecture in Japan. It was once flourished as a center of coal mining, which brought a number of huge profits to the country. Now it's the popular tourist destination as an abandoned island.

History of Japan: Meiji Period (1868-1912)

The Meiji Period (1886-1912) is widely seen as an important period of time in the Japanese history. In the period, the nation transformed its political, economical and social situation. In this article we will explain the history briefly and outline some important elements of the Meiji Period.
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