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Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Unique Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo

For a unique twist on this classic Japanese dish, try one of these unusual ramen from our list of noodle restaurants in Tokyo!
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What is Wasabi?

Do you know what wasabi really is? Learn more about the wonderful world of wasabi with our article!
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10 Easy Japanese Appetizers and Side Dishes You Can Make At Home

Want to spice up your meals with some traditional Japanese side dishes? These popular appetizers are all easy and quick to make, using only simple ingredients for a delicious result.
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What Is A Typical Japanese Lunch?

Have you ever tried lunch in Japan? You have many choices to enjoy lunch here and will also be surprised at creative and delicious Japanese food. Enjoy!
Food & Drinks in Kyoto

11 Best Kaiseki Restaurants in Kyoto

Have you ever tried Kaiseki before? It is a Japanese course style meal that tends to include the local specialties. Check out the best Kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto!

The History of Rice in Japan

Why is rice so commonly eaten in Japan? Learn more about the history of rice with this educational article!
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9 Kinds of Sashimi You Should Know

Sashimi is one of the most popular ways to enjoy raw fish in Japan, and this guide will introduce some of the most common types and teach you how to recognise each one
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10 of the Most Unusual Japanese Foods

While nearly everyone knows sushi and ramen, how many of these local dishes would you be willing to try?
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Important Ingredients for Japanese Meals

Japanese food is known as delicious and healthy worldwide. Do you know what traditional special ingredients have played important roles for that?

What is Japan Famous For? 20 Unique Things

Are you interested in Japan? This article gives a general idea of the attractions of Japan before you come. Check what you want in Japan in advance for your future trip!
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