10 Best Hotels in Kobe

Find relaxation in Kobe, the land of the famous Kobe beed, among other things! Some of these hotels are remarkable, so check them out.
Places to visit in Japan

10 Events and Things to Do in Japan in December

Plan the ultimate winter adventure with this guide to 10 great things to do in Japan in December!

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Kansai is home to some spectacular winter illuminations, and in this article we highlight the best ones!

What is Kansai-ben? All You Need to Know About Kansai Dialect

Have you heard of Kansai-ben before? It is the dialect spoken in Osaka, Kyoto and all of the Kansai region. Learn more about this unique dialect!

Kobe Day Trip Guide – Things to Do and Places to Visit in Kobe!

Kobe is an often underestimated city in the Kansai area. Because of its rich and international history, the city has a unique atmosphere and many special things to see and do. In this article we will tell you why you should visit Kobe and what you should see and do!

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