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Japan is known for many things, and food is without a doubt one of them. While some dishes seem to only truly be available in the country, some are so famous and delicious that they have worldwide reach! Nestled within the picturesque city of Kobe lies a treasure trove of meaty indulgence: Kobe beef. Renowned for its marbling and tender texture, Kobe beef is a culinary experience that transcends taste. It is used throughout Japan at many luxurious restaurants and has extremely strict rules on being able to actually be claimed as “Kobe beef”. Aside from the beef, Kobe is a wonderful place to visit; but knowing you can enjoy some top-of-the-line beef after a fun day of adventuring is certainly enticing.  So, loosen your belts and prepare for an unforgettable journey through flavors that dance on your palate and a dining experience that’s as rich as the marbling itself.

1. Kobe Steak Restaurant Mouriya

Waynn Wang, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Flickr

Stepping into Mouriya is like stepping into Kobe’s history. Established in 1885, this legendary establishment offers a blend of tradition and innovation. Their masterful chefs celebrate the art of teppanyaki, grilling succulent Kobe beef right before your eyes. The beef served here is of course of the highest grade, as well as “Strictly selected Mouriya Beef”. The intimate ambiance, along with the skillful chef’s theatrics, makes it a feast for all your senses.


2. Steak Aoyama

For another location that has stood the test of time, visit Steak Aoyama for an elegant, delicious, and surprisingly affordable selection of premium Kobe beef. The bright red awning is your sign that you’ve arrived at the right location! Serving delectable cuts since ‘63, Aoyama is one of Kobe’s longest lasting chains. Enjoy the elegant atmosphere with inspiration taken from Europe. Pair your steak with one of their many wine offerings, or even enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu burger!


3. Kobe Steak Sai Dining

A solid choice when it comes to enjoying the famous beef. Nothing in particular makes this place stand out in terms of unique services, a long history or otherwise, but it sources only the finest ingredients that chefs prepare immaculately. If you’re looking for a comfy place that is simply another incredible Kobe beef experience, look no further than Kobe Steak Sai Dining. One flourish that they do humbly mention is their “award winning beef”, which seems to exceed the top A5 grade… definitely worth a try!


4. Meriken Hatoba

Venture to the waterfront and discover Meriken Hatoba, where Kobe beef meets the sea. This restaurant not only dazzles with its Kobe beef creations but is also located next to the water. The homey atmosphere has gained the admiration of many patrons in the past, and it’s clear that the staff has poured their heart into the quality of food, service, attitude- everything really. If you’re looking for a quaint atmosphere that boasts exceptional quality and service, then look no further than this spot!


5. Kokubu Steak House

Kokubu Steak House elevates Kobe beef to an art form, yet keeps it simple and pristine; very comparable to the previous choice, Sai dining. The minimalist setting complements the culinary prowess that unfolds in each dish. Their curated selection of premium Kobe beef cuts showcases the intricate nuances of flavors and textures. Immerse yourself in the epicurean journey, where every bite is a masterpiece in its own right. Side note, many restaurants like this allow their customers to bring their own alcohol for a fee, and this is one of those spots!

6. Kobe Beef Ishida

Jorge Gonzalez, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Flickr

A true maverick in the Kobe beef scene, Kobe Beef Ishida marries the contemporary with the classic. This classy, stylish restaurant showcases the intersection of old-school charm and modern creativity. With a focus on presentation as well as taste, each dish is just as visually pleasing as the taste is. The fusion of tradition and innovation is evident in every exquisite bite. This popular destination has expanded to Tokyo as well, and it is truly delicious, but everyone knows that their Kobe location is the real deal!


7. Aragawa

Prepare for a sensory symphony at Aragawa, where Kobe beef is revered like a precious gem. This establishment is famed for its meticulous selection process, choosing only the finest cuts of Kobe beef. Be warned, Aragawa is prestigious and reservations are somewhat hard to get, and the courses are quite pricey. With that being said The elegant interiors and impeccable service set the stage for an opulent, unforgettable dining experience. Indulge in the legendary tenderloin that has garnered international acclaim.


8. Kobe Gyudon Hiroshige

Gyudon, really? Yes! You may already know, but gyudon is generally considered to be one of Japan’s fast-foods, and is not exactly the type of dish you may hear mentioned in the same breath as Kobe beef. But alas, patrons wait for over an hour and a half for this delicious bowl of beef over rice. Uncover the charm of simplicity of it all at Kobe Gyudon Hiroshige. It’s a taste of everyday luxury that resonates with locals and visitors alike. If you enjoy Gyudon, you absolutely have to try this!

9. Wakkoqu

Antoine Llorca, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Flickr

Sure, the spelling warrants a tilt of the head and a squint, but Wakkoqu is actually a symphony of culinary artistry and casual elegance. As you step inside, the cozy yet refined atmosphere welcomes you like an executive. Their Kobe beef offerings are a testament to the chef’s dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients as. The menu is a culinary journey that highlights the depth of flavors unique to Kobe beef.


10. Bifteck Kawamura

We end our Kobe beef odyssey with Bifteck Kawamura, a sanctuary for carnivores seeking the pinnacle of dining experiences. While the name may be reminiscent of 90’s tech startups, this establishment boasts an unprecedented selection of Kobe beef cuts, prepared with the precision of expertly trained chefs. The elegant yet strong interiors and attentive service create an ambiance that’s as enchanting and powerful as the flavors themselves.

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