things to do in Japan

Places to visit in Japan

10 Best Manga and Anime Locations in Japan

Have you ever wanted to visit some of the locations that your favorite anime/manga were based off of? Look no further for 10 of the best manga and anime locations in Japan!

What is Owarai? Japanese Comedy

Want a laugh? Learn more about Japanese comedy culture with this article on Owarai

8 Best Wellness Retreats in Japan

Get away from everyday life and relax your body and mind with one of these unique wellness experiences and retreats in Japan
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Ghibli Park: The Ultimate Guide to Japan’s Newest Theme Park

Ghibli Park in Nagoya is now open! We have the ultimate guide for visiting Japan's newest theme park! Read here if you want to know more!

10 Best Things to Do in The Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa

Have you ever been to the Hokuriku region before? There is a hidden gem that is the Noto Peninsula, with some amazing things to do. Find out more here!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Events and things to do in Japan in November

Will you be in Japan in November? Alongside all of the beautiful autumn leaves, there are loads of other fun events and things that you can do. Find out more here!

10 Events and Things to do in Japan in October 2022

Will you be in Japan in October? There are loads of fun events and things to do throughout the country. Find out what's in store!

25 Best Things to do in Kyoto

Kyoto is one of Japan's most historic cities in the entire country. From temples to shops to scenic views, there isn't anything this city doesn't have. Here are some of the best things to do in Kyoto.
Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji: Ultimate Guide to Japan’s Iconic Mountain

Mt. Fuji has so much to offer, whether you want to climb the mountain, enjoy activities in the area, or simply take in the beautiful views. Find out everything you need to know with our ultimate guide!
Travel tips

10 Popular Activities in Japan

Wondering how to best spend your time in Japan with activities you can't do anywhere else? Check out our full guide to the best that Japan has to offer!
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