Traditional Japan

Places to visit in Japan

5 Most Underrated Prefectures in Japan

Seen all of Japan already? Well, lets put that to the test! Some locations in Japan simply dont get enough attention, but they deserve it. Spice up you itinerary with these unique places!
Itinerary in Japan

2 Day Itinerary in The Kawaguchiko Area

Escape the intensity of the downtown areas and take a short trip to the beautiful lake Kawaguchiko, a must see for anyone in Japan.
Places to visit in Tokyo

10 Best Shrines and Temples to Visit in Tokyo

A visit to a shrine or temple is the perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Here are ten that you must visit when you're in Tokyo!
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Places to visit in Tokyo

10 Best Things to Do in Asagaya

Do you love chilled out local vibes and a fun, bustling time? then check out Asagaya; its filled with activites for all times of the day!
Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji: Ultimate Guide to Japan’s Iconic Mountain

Mt. Fuji has so much to offer, whether you want to climb the mountain, enjoy activities in the area, or simply take in the beautiful views. Find out everything you need to know with our ultimate guide!

What is Shichigosan in Japan?

Japan has many annual events for celebrating children, and Shichigosan is one of them. In this article, we will explain what is Shichigosan and how to celebrate it.

How to Best Enjoy Arima Onsen

If you visit Kansai area, visit Arima hotspring in Hyogo. Easy to access from two Osaka airports and it will present you with a beautiful time!

Soka : A Trip to Traditional Japan near Tokyo

If you are looking for a beautiful traditional town near Tokyo, Soka City in Saitama is a hidden gem for you. We took a trip to Soka, and would like to share our trip with you!
Places to visit in Japan

Picturesque Traditional Villages in Japan

Besides the famous ancient town Kyoto, there are many picturesque traditional villages in Japan. Let us share some of our favorites!

A Complete Guide to Ryokan: How to Enjoy Traditional Stay in Japan

If you are wondering where you should stay during your Japan trip, stay in Ryokan - Here's the reason and how to enjoy your stay in Japanese traditional inns!
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