20 YouTubers to Watch Before Going to Japan

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One of the best things about traveling is the fun you have while preparing your trip by reading and watching media about your destination. YouTube has a wealth of channels with amazing travel content, and videos that show you more about daily life in all kinds of places in the world. We compiled a list of Youtube channels that all do a great job in introducing Japanese life, its culture, and its attractions to viewers all over the world. Check out these 20 YouTube channels about Japan!

1. Abroad in Japan

This is one of YouTube’s most popular Japan-related channels with over 2 million subscribers. Abroad in Japan is made by a frank and funny British man who lives in Japan, and (almost) nothing is taboo. He goes over all kinds of Japanese quirks, visits places where regular people don’t come, and talks about things you have always wondered about but never dared to ask. You will have a great time watching this treasure trove of Japan-related videos!

Abroad in Japan
British Guy making videos in Japan. Officially better than Simply Red. MERCHANDISE: PATREON: British guy living in Japan...

2. Sharla in Japan

Sharla has lived in Japan for many years starting out as a university exchange student, and she loves to wander the streets of Japan. She lets her viewers join in on her walks and experiences through live streams that you can watch as videos at a later moment. As she has been streaming videos for many years, there is a great video library that shows many parts of Japan and all kinds of experiences. 

Sharla in Japan
Hi I'm Sharla, I've been living in Japan for 15 years. This channel is for livestream content from Japan! 🇯🇵 Walking str...

3. Ryotaro’s Japan

Unlike the 2 channels mentioned above, Ryotaro’s channel is relatively new as he only started his channel in 2020. In the space of one year, however, he managed to create a host of videos that are entertaining to watch while showing some quintessentially Japanese places and experiences.

Ryotaro's Japan
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

4. Rachel and Jun

This Japanese/American couple likes to show you their daily life as an intercultural couple in Japan. They have been around for a while, and have an impressive video catalogue of daily life in Japan, typical Japanese culture, social issues, interesting intercultural things, and their cats. They also have videos about the trips they take to famous and lesser-known Japanese cities.

Rachel & Jun
お立ち寄りいただき、ありがとうございます。このチャンネルでは主に日本に関することを英語と日本語で紹介しています。内容は職人さん取材、日本人(or 在日外国人)インタビュー、カルチャーショック、日本語と英語の違い、日本国内旅行(時々海外旅行)...

5. Micaela

Micaela is a young Canadian woman who has lived on Japan’s southern Kyushu island for more than 15 years. With her experience in the media and entertainment industry she makes fun videos about her various experiences with daily life in Japan, the entertainment industry in Japan, and the trips she takes around the country. Cultural differences between western countries and Japan are also a favorite subject, which she brings up in a funny and frank way.

Micaela ミカエラ
I am a CANADIAN living in Fukuoka Prefecture, which is a long way from Tokyo! I've been living in Kyushu for over 15 yea...

6. Tokyo Lens

Norm of Tokyo Lens is a creative guy who is also a photographer and shamisen player (traditional Japanese string instrument) besides being a productive YouTuber with more than 20 million views on his channel. Join him on his walks in and around Tokyo and listen to his often humorous commentary on all kinds of Japan-related subjects. He’s also been on some cool outdoor adventures in the last few months so if you’d be interested in doing the same, it is worth checking out Norm’s channel!

Tokyo Lens
Welcome to Tokyo Lens. I'm Norm Nakamura and this... is my Japan! Not in like a "stay away! it's mine!" kind of way. Mor...

7. Ramen Adventures

As this channel’s name suggests, Brian from Ramen Adventures travels all over Japan to find the very best ramen wherever he goes. You will be surprised by the many varieties of ramen that exist, and any foodie will enjoy seeing all the delectable goodness that you’ll see in Brian’s captivating videos. You will also get to see a bit of the environment where the restaurants are located, that usually have a very local vibe.

Ramen Adventures
I'm Brian, and this is my ramen adventure. There are thousands of shops serving ramen in Japan, and it is my mission to ...

8. Tokidoki Traveller

Young Australian Emma moved to Japan in 2016 and started documenting her daily life including many ups and downs in her new home country. It is fun to follow her as she learns about life in Japan, as you really get to see the journey as it is experienced by a newcomer. She’s just as curious about quintessential Japanese things like karaoke for 1, animal cafes, and tiny Japanese apartments as you are.

Tokidoki Traveller
Hi! I'm Emma, an Aussie girl living in japan! For business & sponsorship enquiries only: talent@tokyocreative.jp

9. Paolo from Tokyo

Filipino Paolo has lived in Tokyo for a long time and knows the city like the back of his hand. He enjoys sharing his experiences in Tokyo as well as his day trips with his viewers. Paolo’s channel is incredibly varied with subjects ranging from 200USD/month apartments to street food and a day in the life of an average university student. He also doesn’t shy away from slightly more difficult topics like discrimination. But some of his best videos are the ones about hidden spots in the city, which are especially interesting for those traveling to Japan.

Paolo fromTOKYO
I'm Paolo. I'm from TOKYO, I've been living here for a long time. I'll be your Tokyo Travel Guide and show you things to...

10. Only in Japan

If you’re looking for a wealth of recent videos of what Tokyo has recently been like, YouTube channel Only in Japan is the place to look. John is on the road around Tokyo all the time, and he likes to share his trips with you. Videos often revolve around popular and lesser known locations in Tokyo and newly opened events or shops. He uploads new videos frequently, so if you want to know about the current situation in Japan, Only in Japan is a great channel to follow.

Hello, I'm John Daub, creator and producer of ONLY in JAPAN. This all mobile live streaming travel channel has frequent ...

11. Tokyo Diaries

Tina grew up in Germany and started living her dream in Tokyo a few years ago after devouring Japanese manga as a child. She does fun stuff around Tokyo that many (young) travelers would also enjoy and she sometimes travels outside of the capital as well to show you other famous and lesser-known attractions in Japan. Because Tina likes fashion, Tokyo Diaries also gives you a look at what is currently fashionable in Tokyo.

Tina Huegel
Travel and law of attraction life coach, sharing her travel experiences for budget-conscious and solo travel. I'm origin...

12. Bontenmaru

Sanna is a young German woman who moved to Japan in 2016 and started sharing her adventures on her bilingual German/English YouTube channel. Her travels in Tokyo and vicinity are fun to watch for future tourists, and as a bonus you will also get a look at the life of a pregnant woman and young mom in her later videos.

Pastel Tokyo
Hi, I'm Sanna! Since 2016 I'm living in Tokyo together with my husband. ♡ On my channel I will show you everything about...

13. Life Where I’m From

Canadian Greg gives a peek into his life with his Japanese wife and bi-national kids. You will see special events but also ordinary life, all presented in an entertaining and enlightening way. Subjects are incredibly varied and there are videos about housing in Japan, cultural quirks, school life in Japan, and much more. Of course, trips are also documented extensively and interesting to watch for those who are going to be traveling in Japan.

Life Where I'm From
Making videos about what life is like around the world... but mostly Japan. For more videos, you can check out the X (ex...

14. Currently Hannah

Hannah now lives in Osaka, and she loves to travel. Currently Hannah boasts well-paced videos on many destinations within Japan. The best part is that she is not afraid to show when things don’t go as planned, so you get an honest view on how things really are. There are also videos about daily life in Japan and interesting things you run into while living here. Besides content from Japan, you can also see videos about Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries.

Currently Hannah
Australian living in Japan, showing you deep dives, personal insights and the best places you've never heard of. Contact...

15. Yuki JapanFries

This is a more rare kind of Japan-related YouTube channel, as Yuki JapanFries is an English-language channel by a Japanese guy instead of a foreigner who moved to Japan at a later age. That fact makes this a very interesting channel to follow as you will get a slightly different perspective on Japan compared to the other channels that are mentioned in this article. Yuki likes to have fun and isn’t always too serious, but he speaks frankly about many fascinating subjects as well, some of them relating to foreigners (in Japan).

Yuki JapanFries
I'm a Japanese vlogger living in Japan! This is my life! I hope you get to see Japan through my vlogs! I want to make ev...

16. Texan in Tokyo

While Grace and Ryosuke stopped making videos for YouTube in 2016 to concentrate on starting a family, their channel Texan in Tokyo is still worth watching for the superb content they created for 2 years. This lovable couple shares their views on intercultural relationships, goes about their daily life on video, talks about learning Japanese, and takes fun, active trips around the country. Once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop!

Texan in Tokyo
Welcome to "Texan in Tokyo!" Everything here is run by us , for fun :D グレイスと良介の2人によるチャンネルを楽しんで下さい! It’s just us, though,...

17. Eatyourkimchi Studio

Extremely productive YouTubing expats Martina and Simon from Canada first started making videos for YouTube when they lived in South Korea. When they moved to Japan in 2016, being the foodies they continued creating content that is often about the delicious food that can be enjoyed in Tokyo. But the videos also cover cultural differences and cool places to visit in and outside of Tokyo.

Eatyourkimchi Studio
サイモン と マルティナ スタジオです~♪ 韓国に7年住んでいましたが、2016年に東京へ引っ越し、日本での冒険を始めましたー!! グルメ、トラベル、アドベンチャーをテーマにした動画を作っています。 サイモンはカナダに戻りましたが、 🇯🇵 ...

18. Tokyo Creative Travel

Tokyo Creative is a bit different from most other YouTubers as they work closely with local governments in Japan who are looking to promote their municipality to foreign tourists. This means that their content is always high-quality and that you get to see the spots in larger and smaller cities and villages in Japan that are interesting for travelers, and that you may not have thought of yourself. Also if you’re looking for some quick Japanese language lessons, this channel is a great one to check out.

Tokyo Creative Travel
Tokyo Creative is dedicated to creating content that provides a unique insight into all aspects of Japanese culture and ...

19. TabiEats

Go to TabiEats for everything related to (mainly) Japanese food. You get to see food reviews for dishes ranging from high end beef to noodles and cheap but delicious fast food and Japanese food recipes. You will also find videos related to the regions they travel to, so TabiEats is also a good channel for some good travel inspiration.

Sharing our passion for food and travel with the world is what we love to do. Every week, we take you on a foodcentric j...

20. Japan Wonder Travel

And finally, we also have our own channel! We introduce some of our tours we can offer you if you travel to Japan, and you can also get a quick sneak peek of some of Japan’s most famous and impressive destinations.

Japan Wonder Travel
Hello! We are Japan Wonder Travel. Let's enjoy Japan one step deeper with us! We have tours in English all over Japan. 🔻...

We hope you will have fun watching the YouTube videos created and uploaded by the channels we introduced above. Watching a (short) movie about the place you want to visit is always a great way to familiarize yourself with the spot and get some sneak previews.

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Happy travelling!

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