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Tristyn (こころ) Perrin is a Japanese American student who was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas in the United States. She attends the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she is a Donaghey Scholar majoring in Applied Communications and Graphic Design. She enjoys writing and being able to connect with others through conversation. She has a passion for art and taking pictures. She likes to play soccer and hang out with her friends during her free time as well as explore nature.

Did you know that knowing your blood type is a big thing in Japan? It is believed that your blood type can determine what your personality is like, much like zodiac signs. It is common, especially amongst young people, to ask each other what their blood type is. Some people even determine who they will date based on the other person’s blood type. So, what do the four different blood types mean exactly? In this article, we will dive into the different personality traits of each blood type. 

Ketsueki-gata (blood type)

Ketsueki-gata is a Japanese word that translates into “blood type” in English. In 1916, a Japanese doctor named Kimata Hara published a research paper where he claimed that the different blood types are linked to certain temperaments. The theory sort of disappeared, but came back around 1970 when a Japanese man named Masahiko Nomi published a book titled “Understanding Affinity by Blood Type.” This book became extremely popular throughout Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. 

Type O 

Type O people are known to be natural born leaders. Many people with type O blood exude a sense of confidence that is attractive to others. O types are commonly placed in leadership positions because of their charisma, but also because they are ambitious, friendly, and determined individuals. Type O people are outgoing and adventurous, so they enjoy exploring the world. Sometimes type Os come across as opinionated and stubborn, which makes people feel as though they are arrogant at times. Stubbornness is not always a bad thing, however, because it can lead to tenacity, which is one of the reasons why type Os are so determined. People with type O blood are also a bit competitive, which helps drive them to the top. Type Os are good to have on your team because they can be a little bit of a perfectionist due to the fact that they like to stay organized. 

Type A 

Type A people are known to be well organized. They like to keep their lives neat and tidy. People with type A blood generally are punctual, methodical in what they do, and pay very close attention to detail. A types are sensitive people, making them kind and friendly towards others. However, their sensitivity can also make them more prone to getting their feelings hurt. Type As can come across as more introverted and reserved, but once you spend more time with them, they open up more. This is because type A people approach life more cautiously than others, so they are slower to let people get close to them. People with A type blood are good listeners and have deep compassion for others. Their empathy for people pushes them to take peacekeeper roles amongst groups because they don’t like conflict. 

Type B

Type B people don’t like being told what to do. They can be stubborn in their ways and headstrong about their beliefs. It can be hard to get through to type Bs sometimes. This can come off as arrogance to others. Someone with type B will tell you how it is as they are honest and not afraid to speak their mind. People with type B blood can come across as selfish because they tend to be more self-centered. They like to stay focused on their own personal goals and development more than others, making them come across as independent. However, type Bs are known to be loyal and easy going, making them good friends. They are also creative, which helps them be good problem solvers because they are able to come up with many different solutions to a variety of issues. People with this blood type generally tend to be more curious as they like to learn new things. Type B people are always fun to be around because they know how to be the life of the party, are more outgoing, and fun to talk to.  

Type AB 

Type AB people are known to be more unconventional than the other blood types, meaning that they tend to live and do things differently than those around them which can come off as strange to some. AB blood types are interesting because there is a combination of type A and type B into one blood type, causing some contradictions in their personality. For example, ABs are punctual and logical like A types, but are also creative and free-spirited like B types. A lot of the time, the side of AB types are determined by their mood and the environment that they are in. Type AB people are thought to be more detached and mysterious. They are harder to read, less predictable, and tend to jump around from one thing to the next. This can cause AB types to seem indecisive and less committal, but it allows them to be more adaptable. Type AB people are also known to be sensitive and empathetic, allowing them to be good caretakers. They can also be charming and romantic, which can seem alluring to some. 


One of the main reasons why people want to know other people’s blood types is to know how well they will get along with someone. There are general pairings that many believe are either good or bad together, but nothing is definitive. 

O types get along best with A and B types. They get along worst with AB types. 

A types get along best with O and AB types. They get along worst with B types. 

B types get along best with O and AB types. They get along worst with A types. 

AB types get along best with A and B types. They get long worst with O types. 

Best Compatibility

A types enjoy being around O types because O types are able to make them feel more at ease. O types have a tendency to have a more protective role that A types feel safe behind. Both A and O types like to keep their spaces organized, making it easier for the two to live together. While A types are slower to open up and let people in, O types are not bothered by this due to their patience and determination. 

B types get along well with O types because both are very goal oriented. The two blood types work well together, pushing the other to keep moving forward to accomplish personal tasks. Both are opinionated and have a way of sticking to their own ways, which can cause problems at times. Type Os are able to respect type B’s ability to solve problems in creative manners, which is why the two work so well together. 

AB blood types are able to get along well with both A types and B types because they share qualities from both of the types. Because the personality of an AB blood type tends to change depending on their circumstances, they are able to adapt to either A type personality or B type personality. AB blood types are empathetic people, so they are able to care for others in a way that makes an A type or a B type feel more comfortable. B types enjoy AB types’ ability to keep things interesting, so they are never bored together. A types enjoy the empathic nature of AB types because they are more sensitive. 

Worst Compatibility

O types are a lot more conventional whereas AB types are more eccentric. This opposition can make it difficult for O and AB types to get along because their personalities tend to clash. O types like to stick to things longer, getting set in their ways, which can make AB types feel restricted or too tied down. 

Both A and B types are particular in what they do and how they live their lives, but in different ways. A types are a lot more introverted and cautious than B types. B types are outgoing and enjoy the thrill of taking risks, which could stress A types out. B types also tend to be more forward and honest, ignoring the more sensitive side of A types. 

In this article, we talked about what ketsueki-gata is and explained the different blood type personalities and their compatibility with one another. Do you know your blood type? If not, it might be a fun idea to find out what your blood type is before coming to Japan. You might be able to spark up a conversation with the locals and make new friends! 

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