How to Get to Naoshima Island -The Contemporary Art Island-


Naoshima is known as an art sanctuary and this tiny art island has been popular since it was featured as a place you must visit once in your life on the famous magazine “Conde Nast Traveler”. 

Also, the big art event called Setouchi Triennale Contemporary Art Festival was held in 2019 there and Naoshima Island got attentions from many people from all over the world. 

You can see amazing artworks like Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama which is probably the most famous artwork you can see in Naoshima Island and also you can enjoy unique museums such as Chichu Art Museum or  Benesse House Museum. 

Of course they have not only artworks but also beautiful beach, mountains and town. 

The locals said Naoshima Island is the best place to see the sunset in the world.


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Two ways to get to Naoshima Island

The easy way to get to Naoshima is from Uno Port. You can go to this port from Okayama Station by train or bus. 
The other way is from Takamatsu Port. It would be better if you take an airplane from Tokyo or Okinawa. 
Here are the details for how to get to Naoshima Island and we will introduce two different ways with three steps as follows.

Via Okayama Station

1. How to get to Okayama Station

From Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya or Tokyo
(Cities in the east of Okayama )

Easy way to go to Okayama Station is taking a bullet train. 
From Shin-Osaka Station, you can go directly to Okayama Station and it will take about 50 minutes by Nozomi, Mizuho or Sakura and 70 minutes by Hikari. 
If you have a JR pass, you can take either Sakura, Hikari or Kodama. 
*Mizuho and Sakura is not running from Kyoto, Nagoya, Shin-Yokohama or Tokyo.

From Hiroshima or Hakata
(Cities in the west from Okayama)
If you come from Hiroshima or more western areas, the best way is also taking a bullet train.

2. Okayama station to Uno Port

There are two ways to get to Uno Port. 

Take JR Uno line from Okayama Station to Uno Station and walk to Uno Port 

Taking a train is a little bit cheaper than taking a bus and it costs 590 yen. Okayama Station is big so be careful not to get lost!
Take JR Uno line and the departure track would be 5 to 8. It depends on time but you can either go directly to Uno Station or transfer at Chayamachi Station. Uno Port is 5 minutes away from Uno Station.

Take Ryobi Express Bus from Okayama to Uno Port

The other way is taking Ryobi Express Bus from Okayama Station to Uno Port. It costs 660 yen and about 50 minutes to get there. Bus comes every 30 minutes and it is more frequent than the train. Take this express bus from the No.2 stop. If you want to get a seat on the bus, get there early and wait for a bit!

3. Uno Port to Naoshima Island

The main port for tourists in Naoshima is Miyanoura Port. From Uno Port, you can take a ferry (20 minutes) or high speed boat (15 minutes) operated by Shikoku Kisen to go to Naoshima.
Check the timetables here
The fee is 300 yen (except for midnight).
You can take either a ferry or a high speed boat with the same fee depending on the time.
Basically we recommend a ferry because it is more comfortable. 

There are three cautions if you take a high speed boat.
1. On the high speed boat, sometimes you might struggle to find enough space for your luggage.
2. It is 5 minutes away by walk from ticket center to boarding piers for a high speed boat.
3. As for the destination, there are two ports in Naoshima. Miyanoura Port and Honmura Port.

*Honmura Port is much smaller port than Miyanoura Port.
It is located in Honmura, the center of Naoshima and close to Art House Project
However, the port itself is so small and mainly for residence.
Honmura Port seems to be inconvenience for tourists who is first time in Naoshima.
So, generally we recommend to go to Miyanoura Port.

Via Takamatsu

1.Tokyo or Okinawa to Takamatsu Airport

You can take an airplane from Haneda or Narita Airport to Takamatsu Airport and go to Takamatsu Port from there.
There are more than 10 flight services per day from Haneda and a few services from Narita.Those flights take almost 120 minutes.

On the other hands, there is just one flight from Okinawa (Naha Airport) to Takamatsu Airport per day.
It takes approximately 2 hours.
(Also, if you come from some Asian cities like Hong-Kong, Taipei, or Seoul, there are few direct flights to Takamatsu Airport)

2. Takamatsu Airport to Takamatsu Port

After getting off the airplane, you can take an Airport Limousine Bus (operated by Kotoden Bus) to Takamatsu Station (40 minutes), and then go to Takamatsu Port by foot (10 minutes) .

The timetable for the Airport Limousine Bus is available here.

3. Takamatsu Port to Naoshima Island

There are fewer services compared with Uno Port, but you can take a ferry or high speed boat operated by Shikoku Kisen to go to Miyanoura Port in Naoshima.
Although you can’t take a ferry depending on the time, still the good way to get there is taking a ferry.
Check the timetable here.

The ferry trip costs 520yen and takes 50 minutes and you may like the view of Seto Inland sea from the ferry between Takamatsu and Naoshima.
The boat trip costs 1,220 yen and takes 25 minutes and sometimes it might be difficult to find enough space for your luggage.

Recommended Tour 

Since you are in Shikoku area, you might be interested in sightseeing in the other prefectures in Shikoku? 
We offer the best tour for you in Hiroshima! 

What you can do during this tour is :
Visit 2 World’s heritage sites in one day (Miyajima and the Atomic Bomb Dome) 
Enjoy walking through the local shopping street 
See the beautiful scenery of floating Torii in the water 
Think about the world’s peace while visiting the Peace Memorial Park

If you are interested in the tour with our local knowledgeable guide, check the link below!

Japan Wonder Travel Hiroshima Private Tour

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  1. Donick Cary says:

    What would it cost for us to book a train trip from tokyo to Naoshima on April 18… early on the 18th… there are four of us 2 adults. 1 16 year old. 1 10 year old. Admission to the musuem. AND possibly a room at Benesse house hotel for that night?

    • Kazuyuki Nishimura says:

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Please read the article. All information for the transport from Tokyo is there.

      There are no direct train from Tokyo to Naoshima.
      If you choose train trip, you need to go to Okayama Station from Tokyo by bullet train.
      Then, go to Uno Station by local bus or local train.

      Also, if you would like to stay the Benesse House, you can check the availability from their website.
      Information of admission fee is also there.

      Since Benesse House is quite popular, basically we recommend booking the rooms more than 3 months before because the rooms will be sold out very soon.

  2. Joan Barrett says:

    We will be staying overnight in Okayama and the next night in Kobe. Is it doable to go to Naoshima to see some of what the island has to offer before continuing to Kobe for the night?

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