Hidden places in Japan

Mt. Aso

The Region of Aso in Kyushu (Japan), became UNESCO World Geo Park in September 2014. Japan`s largest volcano named “Mt.Aso” or “Asosan”. 1592 meters taller and being due to erupt at any given moment as Aso is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. The mountain’s caldera, created by multiple gigantic eruption in the distant past, is with a circumference of over 100 kilometres. In the centre of the caldera stand the currently active peaks of the volcano. The main crater can be accessed and viewed by tourists but gets occasionally closed due to high levels of volcanic gases. Erupted in 2016 but has since calmed down again. Aso’s ancient caldera ranks among the world’s largest. How do you feel about visiting Aso in your next trip to Japan?

Shirogane Blue Pond

The Blue Pond (Aoiike), located outside Shirogane town (Hokkaido) and named like that because its intense blue colour due to natural minerals dissolved in the water. The pond was built to prevent damage to Biei in case of an eruption from Mount Tokachidake. We can say that this beautiful scenery was made by mistake, with several overlapping coincidences and a unique number of trees. With no tourist intention at the beginning of its creation, It was promoted as a tourist spot few years ago and still a fresh, unknown and different destination for the tourism. Check the season for visiting The Blue Pond, as it looks different depending of the season. A recommendation? In Fall and Winter looks awesome!

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