9 things to do around Mt.Fuji area(Kawaguchiko area)

The nearest place you could see Mt.Fuji is Kawaguchiko area.
Last time we have written about how to get to Kawaguchiko area, this time we write what to do around Kawaguchiko area!!

Let’s plan your itinerary!!

0. Whole map around Kawaguchiko area.

*Kawaguchiko station is red star.

1. Mt.Fuji 5th station

From Kawaguchiko station, you could take bus to 5th station.
(It takes about 1 hour for one way, 2,100 yen for round trip each.)

5th station is colder than Kawaguchiko station. And you could see the top a bit closer.

2. Arakurayama Sengen Shrine

It’s about 4km from Kawaguchiko station.
The uniqueness of here is Mt.Fuji combined with Pagoda.

At Arakurayama Sengen Shrine, we have to go up 398 steps to the top. But after that, you could see wonderful view!!
Then it’s free.

3. Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen Shrine

This shrine is at Fujisan station and 4.5 km away from Kawaguchiko station.
Very calm shrine and it’s the beginning point of Fuji Yoshida train. (to the top of Mt.Fuji)
You might feel spiritual power of Mt.Fuji.

*If you wanna go to shrines / temples in Kanto area.

4. Tenjoyama Ropeway (Kachi Kachi yama cable car)

It is located lake side of Kawaguchiko.
There is cable car and you could see whole Kawaguchiko lake and Mt.Fuji from the top.
Round trip : 800 yen each. (3 minutes for one way)

5. Kawaguchiko bridge

Kawaguchiko bridge is big bridge crossing the lake.
From the bridge, you could see big Mt.Fuji!!

6. Oishi park

There is beautiful park located at lakeside of Kawaguchiko.
From there, you could see beautiful Mt.Fuji and Lavender in the middle of June and beginning of July!!(Herb festival)

Recently new facility Hanaterrace is opened. (Hanaterrace)
At the season of June and July, you could see beautiful wisterias.

7. Aokigahara forest and Caves

Aokigahara forest is spreading forest at the foot of Mt.Fuji.
That’s very famous for committing suicide because it’s difficult to walk without guide.
But it’s beautiful to have small hiking.

Then near there, there are caves.
We could do caving at Narusawa ice cave and Fugaku wind cave.
How about exploring cave at the foot of Mt.Fuji?(350 yen each)

For nature lovers.

Nature spots in Tokyo.

8. Ide shuzo Sake brewery

Very close to Kawaguchiko station, there is a Sake brewery called Ide shuzo.

You could see inside of the brewery from 9:30 am or 3:00 pm.
(40-50 min. 500 yen each including Sake tasting!! Yummy!)
They make Sake from pure Mt.Fuji ground water.
If you are interested in Sake, you have to visit there!!

9. Oshino Hakkai springs

This is natural spring from Mt.Fuji. You could see very pure water comes from ground.
And around pond, there are many traditional Japanese houses.
That’s also beautiful and worth to visit!!
(It’s 10 km from Kawaguchiko station. 300 yen to enter.)

Then we will make some itineraries, soon!!
Let’s enjoy Mt.Fuji area!!

If you like to climb mountain in Tokyo → Mount Takao !

Sample route #1 <Cycling highlights route>

We could rent a cycle.
If so, how about cycling. (2>5>6>8)

[Time] 7 hours
[Price] Cycling fee : 1 day for 1,500 – 2,500 yen (Normal one is cheap and electric cycle is expensive.)
+ Entrance fee 500 yen per person (Sake brewery)

Sample route #2 <Bus 5th station and secret forest route>

This route is go to 5th station, Aokigahara forest and Ice cave.(1>7)
*If you have time, how about going to Sake brewery(9) or Ropeway(4)?

[Time] 7 hours
[Price] About 3,600 yen for transportation. (About 2,100 yen to 5th station(round trip) and 1,500 yen for Aokigahara.)
+ Entrance fee 350 yen per person(Ice cave)

Sample route #3 <National Treasure route>

How about going to National treasures?
Going to Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen shrine and Oshino Hakkai.
Then back to Kawaguchiko and go to Kachi Kachi ropeway. (3>9>4)

[Time] 7 hours
[Price] 1,030 yen for transportation(bus) + Entrance fee 800 yen per person(Ropeway)


How do you think about those routes?
Let’s feel the power of Mt.Fuji at nearest places!!

If you want to efficiently go around the locations above, our guide could help you.
Mt.Fuji guided tour.

The Fujikawaguchiko area holds fabulous accommodations where you can see Mt. Fuji from your room.

Shuhokaku Kogetsu

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