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Animal cafes are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan among foreign tourists since the cafe’s first started in 2004. Also many Japanese frequently visit cafes where they can adore the different animals. Visiting animal cafes allows people to interact with animals while having drinks or a snack, something often isn’t possible at home due to the small living spaces and strict regulations. The trend of animal cafes started off with some cat cafes but the offer has expanded over the years and now there are cafes of all kinds of animals, from domestic pets to tame animals. Some of the cafes are taking care of homeless animals and offer adoption possibilities.

Before listing some of the animal cafes in Tokyo, we first would like to mention something we feel is very important. While many animal cafes have regulations about ‘off time’, touching animals etc., there are far fewer laws concerning animal rights in Asia, and Japan is no exception. Over the last year, many animal cafes were shut down because of the way they were (mis)treating animals. If you notice any animal cruelty we strongly urge you to report this and expose the abuses. 

There are a wide range of animal cafes in Tokyo that are home to a variety of animals ranging from common pets such as dogs and cats to unique ones including owls, hedgehogs, reptiles, and more! When you decide to visit an animal cafe, please consider the well-being of the animal and how the cute animals are being treated. Here is a list of animal cafes that you can find in Tokyo!  

Rescued animal cafe’s

If you are ready to welcome new cats or dogs as a family, visit rescued dogs and cats cafes! There are a number of cafes in Tokyo that are dedicated to rescue abandoned cats and dogs. They play a significant role to connect rescued animals to people who could be potential owners in the future.

Hogoneko Rough Space

Hogoneko Rafu Space is specialized in protecting rescued cats waiting for future owners.

Opening hours
12pm – 8pm
¥1,000 (adult) for 1 hour

Rescue Cat Cafe Meooow!

Rescue Cat Cafe Meooow! is nestled in Shinagawa and offers a home to stray cats. The place is run by a friendly Japanese lady who takes care of the cats, especially the handicapped ones that are not wanted by many people. The cats are not forced to play with guests and have many places to hide when they feel uncomfortable. All cats are up for adoption.

Opening hours
1pm – 8pm (closed on Wednesdays)
¥1,000 (adult) for 1 hr, including 1 drink.

cat islands
Cats Cafe Asakusa Neko-en

This cats cafe is located a stone’s throw away from Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and welcomes homeless cats. The owner rescues cats that are in need of help, including abandoned cats from the Fukushima Exclusion Zone.

Opening hours
12pm – 8pm (closed on Tuesdays)
¥900 (adult) for 1 hr

Neco Republic

Neco Republic is a collection of cat cafes that are essentially shelters full of cats seeking a permanent home. You can play with the cats, have tea, buy souvenirs and adopt if you live in Japan. Neco Republic also has a so-called TNR programme, which is a sterilization project for cats without owners. They will sterilize the stray cats before releasing them at the place where they were found.

There are several Neco Republic cat cafes in Tokyo, including the Ikebukuro, Nakano, Ochanomizu outlets, as well as branches in Osaka, Hiroshima and Gifu too.

Opening hours
Depending on the store
¥380~¥1,300 (depending on the store & day)

Animal cafe’s

Akiba Fukuro

At Akiba Fukuro cafe (or Akiba Owl Cafe) near Akihabara station, the staff pays much attention to the wellbeing of the animals. They make sure the owls are comfortable and pay close attention to the animals their happiness and the owls take turns in taking the day off. They have animal shows to explaining the owl’s their behaviour and the care they receive at the cafe. The store plays classical music on the background, creating a relaxing environment for the animals and the guests.In order to make sure the place doesn’t get too crowded, an online reservation is required!

Opening hours
12pm – 6pm (weekdays)
12pm – 7pm (weekends)
¥1,820 (adult) for 1 hour, including a photo taken by a professional photograph

Animal room Ikemofu

Animal room Ikemofu is the preferred option for those who want to enjoy spending time with different kinds of animals at the same time. It is located only a 5 min walk from JR Ikebukuro Station. Visitors can visit their favorite animals or creatures including rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, flying squirrels (called “Momonga” (モモンガ) in Japanese), and more. 


Opening hours
12.30pm – 6pm (weekdays)
11am – 7pm (weekends)
¥1,800 (adult) for 1 hour

Hedgehog cafe HARRY

A hedgehog is a small animal that has a unique feature characterized by numerous spines on its head and back. Although some people consider them as scary or dangerous animals due to their stiff spines, they are generally very friendly and peaceful. Hedgehog Café Happy is a popular café that attracts visitors from all over the world. They offer visitors a memorable experience to interact with lovely hedgehogs at two locations in Tokyo, Harajuku and Roppongi. They have some strict rules to safeguard the well-being of the animals and you are required to use gloves that protect your hands from the spines. 

Animal cafe hedgehog Tom’s Mr.Hedgie (Kyoto)

Opening hours
11am – 7pm
¥1,200 (adult) for 30 minutes

Mameshiba Cafe

Mameshiba (豆柴) refers to a unique and very cute type of Shiba Inu (柴犬), the symbolic Japanese dog characterized by the cute face and loyal personality to its owners. What makes Mameshiba so popular is the size of the body which is relatively small compared to the ordinary Shiba Inu dogs even after they become adults. Harajuku Mameshiba Café is located on Takeshita street, known as the hub of fashion and latest trends in Japan packed with shops and restaurants. 

Visitors can interact with cute Mameshiba while having a refreshing drink. The interior of the shop offers a nostalgic atmosphere with Tatami mats and retro furniture that remind the old days back in the Showa period in Japan!      

Opening hours
11.30am – 5.30pm (weekdays)
12pm – 7pm (weekends)
¥880 (adult) for 30 minutes


If you are looking for a cat cafe, don’t miss a chance to get along with adorable cats at Calico! You can visit their several locations, for example in Kichijoji, where cats are allowed to play around freely in a spacious area, while guests can read the comic books available. Visitors can spend a relaxing time with the cats while relaxing on a comfy sofa with a variety of comic books. The Musashino shop plays a role as a rescued cat café and offers shelter for cats while they are waiting for new owners.

Opening hours
12pm – 9pm (weekdays)
¥700 (adult) free drink included, ¥300 (snacks for cats)

Capyneko Cafe

At Capyneko Cafe you will be able to visit two different types of animals: a capybara and his several cat friends! Most of the cats do not have owners and are adoptable. You might wonder whether it’s safe to pet a capybara, as they are still the largest rodent in the world. Truth is they love to be petted and they are rather gentle creatures that get on with and can live alongside cats. 

Same as Neco Republic, Capyneko support trap, neuter & release activities (TNR), and do their best to ensure stray cats have chance at happiness.

Opening hours
1pm – 5pm (Mo / Thu / Fri)
12pm – 7pm (weekends & holidays)
¥1,100 (adult) for 30 minutes

Penguin Bar Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is home to a unique bar: the Penguin Bar Ikebukuro. As you can guess from the name, the shop offers a unique bar experience with adorable penguins. It was opened as the first penguin bar in Tokyo offering a unique experience through interaction with penguins while in the busy city. Customers can enjoy a wide range of drinks including cocktails as well as Italian style cuisine and special course meals. You can also opt for feeding the penguins instead of yourself.


Opening hours
11.30pm – 3pm (Friday – Sunday) for lunch
6pm – 3am (Friday – Sunday) for diner
¥1,100 (adult) for 30 minutes


Located on Ikebukuro Sunshine street, Kotsumate allows visitors to fall in love with small animals such as otters, flying squirrels, and hedgehogs. Visitors can pet, feed and hold the cute animals. Limited snacks for otters are included in the admission on weekdays, giving you the opportunity to feed the cute animals. The shop is dedicated to a better life for the animals and also asks its visitors to be cautious around the animals. On their website they post information about potential foster homes as well as petitions to improve the situation of the animals.

Opening hours
11am – 7pm
¥1,300 (adult) for 30 minutes

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Spending a memorable time with adorable animals gives you a great opportunity to feel relaxed. Through direct interactions with furry friends, you can feel relaxed and spend some enjoyable time. Please make sure to follow the rules and orders at each shop so that the animals will have an enjoyable time too.

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Happy traveling!

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