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If you are a cat lover and enjoy being around our furry friends, visiting an cat café in Kyoto should be on your must-do list. Cat cafes are very popular in Japan, since it is very difficult for Japanese people to own a pet due to strict rental agreements, small apartments and busy lifestyles. But it is not only cat cafes that have gained in popularity recently; you can also find (many) cafes with other animals such as owls, dogs, bunnies or hedgehogs.

Before listing our recommended animal cafes in Kyoto, we first would like to mention something we feel is very important. While many animal cafes have regulations about ‘off time’, touching animals etc., there are far fewer laws concerning animal rights in Asia, and Japan is no exception. Over the last year, many animal cafes were shut down because of the way they were treating animals. If you notice any animal cruelty we strongly urge you to report this and expose the abuses. Having said this, we would like to introduce you to 5 different animal cafes in Kyoto.

1. Pug Café Living Room

An all pug dogs café near the Katsura Imperial Village, the Pug Café Living Room has become very popular amongst dog lovers. The cafe started with just 4 pugs but present day you will find three generations of pugs as they have reproduced and grown as a family. This café is well known for treating its dogs well and its relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested, you can check the family tree on their website. Guests are allowed to pet the pugs and play with them, feed them dog snacks and take pictures. If you’re travelling with your own pet, you can take it with you to the Living Room too!


Pug Café Living Room
Admission ¥1,500 per adult (including a drinks and snacks for you and the dogs)
1pm – 6pm

2. Tango

Located a 5 min walk south from Saiin Station, just off Nishioji Street, Tango cat café opened its doors back in 2012. The café has a total of 10 cats and entry is limited to 15 customers at a time. Therefore we recommend you to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. It is posible to feed the cats some snacks (for sale at ¥100). You can check Tango’s cats on their Facebook or Twitter account. The café allows visitors to bring their own cat toys but they must be new ones. It is also possible to book the café if you are looking for a part venue.

Admission 1 hour ¥1,200 per adult (including one drink)
12pm – 9pm, the last entry at 8pm

3. Petton Café

Petton Café is located in a shopping mall called MOMO Terrace, approximately 5-8 mins walk from Rokujizu Station. The café is on the second floor, above a pet shop, and caters for 20 dogs and 12 cats. The dogs and cats are in separate rooms and the fees and times are also different. So you need to decide which ones you want to see (first). The café also has an owl!

Petton Café
Admission ¥650 for dogs (120 min, need to order a drink) and ¥550 for cats (30 min, includes a drink)


As its name indicates, Loutre – Loutre means otter in French – is an otter café. It is a relatively new café, it has only been in operation since 2018. There are a total of five otters that are well looked after by the shop keepers. CThe café does not take on reservations and does not accept credit cards, so make sure you take cash with you! You can check the otters on their Twitter account or on the café’s website. There is also a YouTube channel available in case you want more information. If you miss the opportunity to visit this café in Kyoto, you can find another Loutre in Osaka! 

Animal cafe otter Kyoto

¥1,500 (includes a drink), weekend ¥2,000 for 1 hour
12pm – 8pm (last entry 7pm)
*Minimum age is 12 

5. Kyoto no Fukurou no Mori

Kyoto no Fukurou no Mori, which means Kyoto Owls’ Forest, is located just a few minutes away from Hankyo Kawaramachi Station, in Shinkyogoku street. The interior looks like a forest and it is inhabited by 15 different types of living owls. You are allowed to spend as long as you want inside the cafe, pat the owls and take pictures as you want. The Owls’ Forest is on the second floor of Kyoto Hyoneko no Mori (Kyoto Bengal Cat Forest), so you can not only spend some time with owls but also with cats! If you decide to visit both forests you will get a discount on the entrance fee.

Kyoto no Fukurou no Mori
¥700 per person
11.30am – 7.30pm

Whether you are a cat lover, a dog lover or an animal lover in general, you will have the opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with them if you decide to visit a pet café in Kyoto. There are many types of pet cafes catering many different tastes, but we urge you to be kind to the animals and adhere to all rules.

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