Tours and Workshop

Day Trip to Mt. Hodo From Tokyo: A Great Hiking Tour for Families and Beginners

Venture out of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo on a day trip to Mt. Hodo in Saitama! Great for families and beginners, this hiking tour will give you a taste of the beautiful nature Japan has to offer.
Tours and Workshop

Vegan-Friendly Cooking Workshop: Make Udon at a Traditional Farmhouse near Tokyo

Udon is a traditional Japanese noodle dish known for its fluffy, chewy texture! Learn how to make it at a traditional farmhouse that's been producing it for almost 400 years! and of course, enjoy your hard work along with some tempura made from farm-fresh veggies!

5 Best Places for Spring Skiing in Japan

If you're a snow-sports enthusiast, then you have to know about spring skiing. If you don't, you might be happy to know that riding snow doesn't always mean beating the cold! check out the best places in Japan for spring skiing.
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10 Best Cherry Blossom Spots in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is Japans northernmost island and its jam-packed with incredible nature spots! Its colder temperatures grant it a later sakura season, perfect for cherry blossom lovers who want to see the whole country!
Food & Drinks

10 Best Ramen Restaurants in Fukuoka

Trying to find the best of the best Ramen in Japan? Logically speaking, who isn't? but really, you have to try these places if you love Ramen!

Japan has more than 4 seasons? Micro-seasons of Spring

Japan is a country that experiences all four seasons very distinctly... so distinctly in fact, That Japan actually has divided them into 72 micro seasons! This time around lets learn about Spring's!
Tours and Workshop

A Luxury Tour of One of Niigata’s Historic Treasured Residences

Venture off the beaten path to one of Niigata's historic treasured residences on a luxury tour like none other. With over 6,000 antiques and beautiful traditional architecture, it is a must visit on your Japan trip!

10 Best Nature Spots in Kyushu

Kyushu is an incredible place to visit no matter the reason, but if you happen to love nature, it might be the best place! Read along to find out why.

Fukushima 2-Day Tour: Talk with Locals and Nuclear Reactor Leader during Disaster

Want to have the ultimate chance to speak to the Nuclear Reactor Leader during the Fukushima Disaster? Join our tour and get to know the real thoughts, decisions, feelings and local challenges during the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster!

10 Cool and Unique Museums in Tokyo

Whether you're an art enthusiast, a history buff, or want to dig into Japanese culture, we've scoured the city to unearth 10 cool and unique museums in Tokyo to add to your itinerary. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of Tokyo's museum scene that goes way beyond the ordinary!
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