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Tokyo has two international airports Haneda and Narita, with Haneda airport officially known as Tokyo International Airport. The airport is significantly closer to Tokyo and the transportation fees are also much lower! Compared to Narita Airport, Haneda Airport handles significantly more domestic flights, but fewer international flights. However, it is Japan’s busiest airport, with over 80 million passengers each year, and also ranks among the world’s five busiest airports. In this article we will describe the different options you have getting to or from Tokyo International Airport!

Travelling to or from Narita Airport? We have listed your travel options here!

1. Tokyo Monorail

The Tokyo Monorail was originally built for the the Olympics organised in Tokyo in 1964 and even being fairly old, it works very well. The Monorail starts at the JR station Hamamatsuchō and stops at all three terminals of Tokyo International Airport, making the access between the terminals very easy. From Hamamatsuchō the monorail takes you in 20 minutes to the International Terminal (or Terminal 3) and the ticket will costs you ¥492. The train departs approximately every 5 minutes and operated between 5am and 12am.

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2. Keikyu Line

The Keikyu Line trains from Haneda Airport head in two different directions, so be careful to board the right train. Most trains go north to Shinagawa, but some travel south to Yokohama. When you take the Keikyu Line from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa JR station, you will find the Keikyu Line is actually a little less expensive than the monorail: the direct train connection will get you to Shinagawa JR station in 14 minutes, setting you back at ¥292. The Keikyu trains operate between 5.30am and 12am.

3. Limousine Bus

Like the Limousine Bus from Narita Airport, this coach bus goes directly to major hotels and train stations in many different areas in Tokyo. However, the bus from/to Haneda Airport is much more cheaper than the Narita one. For example from Tokyo station and vice versa will normally take you about 30 minutes against a ticket price of ¥950 (one way). Of course, the actual travel time depends on the traffic situation, so make sure to plan some extra time. First arrivals of the Limousine Bus are around 4.30am and the last departures around 2am.

Get your Airport Limousine tickets here

Check the timetable, different routes and price at the official website of Airport Limousine.

4. Taxi

When you arrive outside the above mentioned hours, or when you just feel like the most convenient option, regardless of the price, taking a taxi will be your best option. A taxi from Haneda Airport to downtown Tokyo will cost you around ¥5,000 – ¥10,000, depending on the place.


Arriving at Haneda at night

When you arrive at Haneda airport after midnight, your only option getting to the Tokyo Area is taking a night bus or a taxi. The night buses are generally double the price of the buses that operate during the day. Also the price of a taxi increases at night; there is a surcharge during the night of typically 20% between 10pm and 5am. With these increased prices, you might want to consider another option: spending your first or last night in one of the airport hotels.

Recommended hotels near Haneda Airport

  1. Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport
  2. The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda
  3. Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyo

Tokyo International Airport or Haneda Airport is much closer to Tokyo and is for many travellers the preferred airport travelling to or from Tokyo. The airport is easy to reach and also cheaper than its older sister Narita airport. We hope you are prepared for your trip to or from the airport. Safe travels!

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Happy traveling!

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