Complete guide for a Michelin-Starred Ramen restaurants in Tokyo

Ramen is one of the most famous food in Japan.

Now  there are over 30,000 ramen restaurants in Japan.
And only 3 of them are a-Michelin-Starred Ramen restaurants which are located in Tokyo.

But the budget is about only 10$!

It should be the most reasonable Michelin-cuisine in the world.

When you come to Japan, don’t miss them.

MAP of 3 a Michelin-starred Ramen restaurants

Tokyo is a big city.

2 of the Michelin-starred restaurants are at north side of Tokyo and another one is at Shinjuku, west side of Tokyo.

#01. Tsuta (蔦)

Tsuta is first a Michelin-starred ramen restaurant in the world in 2017!
Tsuta is located near Sugamo station.

Tsuta has a unique system to order.
You need to get a numbered tickets in the morning and you need back to Tsuta during appointed time.

It’s really good system because you don’t need to wait in front of the store so long even though you need to wait 30 minutes or so.

Address: 1-14-1 Sugamo Toshima Tokyo (Google map)
Operating hours: Thursday-Monday 11:00-15:00 17:00-20:00 / Tuesday 11:00-15:00
Holiday: Wednesday

Visit report from here

#02. Nakiryu(鳴龍)

Nakiryu is second Michelin-starred ramen restaurant awarded in 2018!
Nakiryu is located near Shin Otsuka station (Tokyo metro M line) or Otsuka station (JR Yamanote line).

You can enjoy dan dan noodle style (spicy) ramen at Nakiryu.
When I visited Nakiryu on weekday, I needed to wait 2 and a half hours. It is so long but it is worth it!

If you have time, please try Nakiryu!

Address: 2-34-4 Minamiotsuka Toshima Tokyo (Google map)
Operating hours: Wednesday-Sunday 11:30-15:00 18:00-21:00 / Monday 11:30-15:00
Holiday: Tuesday

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#03. Konjiki-hototogisu(金色不如帰)

Konjiki-hototogisu is latest Michelin-starred ramen restaurant in 2019!
Konjiki-hototogisu is located near Shinjuku gyoen station, you can also walk from Shinjuku station.
(This shop was relocated in May 2018 from Hatagaya, Shibuya)

I visited this shop on weekday February 2019.
And looked like it hasn’t been known by many tourists yet. I needed to wait for an hour but it’s shorter than Nakiryu.

It’s located in Shinjuku area so it’s easy to access.

Please try this!

Address: 2-4-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo (Google map)
Operating hours: 11:30-15:00 18:30-22:00
Holiday: Thursday- Friday

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If you have time, it’s valuable experience to have a Michelin-starred Ramen in Japan.

But if not, don’t worry.
As I said, there are over 30,000 ramen shops.

I think Michelin-starred Ramen Restaurants are NOT standard Japanese ramen style.
It’s sophisticated. For example some of them are used truffle oil which are not popular use for Ramen.

There are so many great Ramen shops where Japanese love and eat daily.

Here is recommended list, for your information.

Enjoy Ramen in Japan!

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