The best 5 Chanko restaurant in Ryogoku!!

Chanko hotpot - sumo food Things to do in Japan

1. Introduction

Have you heard of Sumo?
Of course? That’s Japanese national sport.
Then have you heard about Chanko?

That’s a name of dish of Sumo wrestlers. Chanko is hotpot of Vegetable, meat and seafood.
Every Sumo wrestlers eat Chanko after the training.

To make bigger and stronger body, they have to eat and train a lot!!
When you come to Japan, how about trying Chanko?

In Ryogoku, there is Sumo stadium and there are many Sumo stables. Of course many restaurants are there!
In this blog, we introduce our recommendations!!

2. Chanko restaurants in Ryogoku

① Yoshiba / 吉葉

In this restaurant, there is a Sumo ring.
Actually here was a stable. After the stable has been moved, it becomes a restaurant.
You could eat Chanko besides Sumo ring! That’s exciting!! Of course you could take picture!

【Price range】Dinner: 6,000~8,000 JPY 
【Address】2-14-5 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by phone or email from here.

② Tomoegata / 巴潟

Very popular restaurant among locals! There are about 300 seats and try many types of Chanko!!
40 years history makes special soup! Let’s try!!

【Price range】Lunch: 1,000~2,000 JPY / Dinner: 5,000~6,000 JPY
【Address】2-17-6 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by the website. *Only in Japanese.

 ③ Terao / 寺尾

Terao is the name of ex-Sumo wrestler and he was very popular guy.
Now he becomes stable master and managing Chanko restaurant.
In here, curry Chanko is very nice.

【Price range】Lunch: 1,000~2,000 JPY / Dinner: 4,000~5,000 JPY
【Address】2-16-5 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by the website. *Only in Japanese

④ Kawasaki / 川崎

It is said here is the oldest Chanko restaurant in Japan!
Actually it’s more than 80 years!! The building is also beautiful. Please enjoy the atmosphere!

【Price range】Dinner: 6,000~8,000 JPY
【Address】2-13-1 Ryogoku Sumida Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by phone call. (+81-3-3631-2529) *Have to be more than 4 people.

 ④ Hananomai / 花の舞

In this restaurant, there is also ring. And many time on the tournament day, the show is held.
This restaurant is Izakaya, so you could try many type of foods, not only Chanko at reasonable price.

You might be able to find many businessman are drinking after work!!

【Price range】Lunch: 1,000~2,000 JPY / Dinner: 4,000~5,000 JPY
【Address】1-1-15 Kamezawa Sumida Tokyo
【Remarks】Reservation can be made by website.

How do you think about that?
If you have any question, please let us know.

3. Map of Sumo chanko restaurants in Tokyo

4. Recommended Guide Tour

Our recommended tour and activities available in Ryogoku area is as follows.

Tour Price Website
Sumo tournament tour  10,000 yen per person
Sumo tournament ticketing 7,500 yen per person
Sumo morning training watching tour 10,000 yen per person

Do you become hungry?
Let’s eat Chanko and understand why Sumo wrestlers are very strong!!


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