1 Day trip to Kobe from Kyoto or Osaka. Suggested Itinerary [HIGHLIGHT 7 hours]

Have you heard of “Kobe” before? If so, what do you know about it?

  1. Kobe Bryant?
  2. Kobe Paras??
  3. Kobe Shoes???

We would like to introduce a city located in the west part of Japan called Kobe. This city is famous for Japanese wagyu beef brand, Kobe beef. Actually, the basketball player Kobe Bryant is named after the restaurant “Kobe Steak House” in USA since his parents were impressed by the beef served at the restaurant very much.

Let’s get back to the topic, we would like to introduce about “Kobe city“.

It’s a good one-day trip destination from Kyoto or Osaka.

Kobe is one of the largest port town in Japan, along with Yokohama.
Kobe has been an important trade city since Japan reopened the port in 1868 after the end of Japan’s isolation from foreign countries for over 200 years.
Therefore, the culture of Kobe city has influenced by overseas.

The city is sheltered by Rokko mountain.
The ocean view from the mountain is very famous for Japanese people.

Kobe is such an attractive area to visit.
However, most tourists don’t know what to do in Kobe.
So please take a look at our suggested itinerary in Kobe and we hope this article make you want to visit there!

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1. How to get to Kobe from Kyoto or Osaka?

From Kyoto

【 JR Line 】JR Kyoto – JR Kobe station: 1,080 yen/1 hour
(https://goo.gl/maps/b43himfBsgG2) *Good way for JR pass holder.

【 Hankyu Line 】Kawaramachi – Kosoku Kobe Station: 750 yen/1h 15min
(https://goo.gl/maps/oH4PuFT3tkq) *Cheaper way.

From Osaka

【 JR Line 】JR Osaka – JR Kobe station: 410 yen/26min

【 Hankyu Line 】Umeda – Kosoku Kobe Station: 450 yen/37min

2. Suggested Itinerary

*The circled numbers beside each location name is corresponding with the numbers shown on the google map in this article.
view from the mountain

OK, Let’s start exploring in Kobe!
There are many good activities and you can spend 7-8 hours here.
For one day trip, we recommend you to arrive at JR Kobe station at 10:00 am so that you can get to enjoy around Kobe fully!

10:00 am: JR Kobe station①

From Kobe station, you should head to south and move to the port area.
On the way, you should pass through the Kobe Umie shopping center.
There are many fashion, interior decor, watch and food stores. You can enjoy shopping there!

10:15 am: Kobe Harborland Umie shopping center②

architectureThen, head to Kobe mosaic building. You can see the great ocean view with Kobe port tower.
It’s very photogenic place.

10:30 am: Kobe mosaic③ (Port area)

night view
It is more beautiful during the night time. This spot is popular as a date spot, please come here with your special one.
There are some cafes by the seaside. How about having a cup of coffee here? You will enjoy some relaxing time.

11:00 am: Choose an activity in Harborland

Around Harborland area, you can enjoy some activities.
We would like to show you 3 spots where we selected.

-Kobe bay cruising④ (Fee: 1,100 yen/adult)

During the 40-minute cruise, you can savor the scenic attractions of the Kobe seaside, including Kobe Airport, along with the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in the distance. The spacious deck area and a canteen are fully equipped for your needs.

【Reference blog】http://kitsune-journal.com/index.php/en/travel-kansai/hyogo/kobebaycruise

-Kawasaki World⑤ (Fee: 600 yen/adult)

The Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group began in Kobe.
It has now grown into a global enterprise, delivering a vast array of cutting-edge products that demonstrate mastery of the land, sea, and air — including ships, aircraft and motorcycles.
Kawasaki World is a proud showcase of technological wealth of their past, present and the future.
Lots of hands-on experiences and a great place to take children.
Here is one of the best spot in Kobe. It’s not very famous spot, but very fun!

【Official website】http://www.khi.co.jp/kawasakiworld/english/concept/index.html

-Kobe Port Tower⑥ -The view from Landmark of Kobe (Fee: 700 yen/adult)

This landmark tower is 108 meters high located in Meriken Park.
The world’s first building to feature a pipe structure, it was nicknamed as the Steel Tower Beauty, as a result of its unique structure and shape, reminiscent of an elongated Japanese drum, and awarded a prize by the Architectural Institute of Japan in 1963.
From here, you can see the peaks of Mount Rokko, the streets of Kobe, and the Port of Kobe, as well as Awaji Island, Osaka Bay, and the Senshu region in the distance.

【Official website】http://www.kobe-port-tower.com/language/english.html

12:30 pm: Lunchtime in Motomachi⑦ (Kobe beef? Tonkatsu? Ramen?)

From Harborland area, you can visit Motomachi area on foot. There is Nankinmachi which is a small Chinatown.
Of course, you can enjoy picking up Chinese food there. But in this area, there are many good Japanese restaurants too.
You are in Kobe. Why don’t you try the Kobe steak?

Our recommended Kobe beef restaurant

Or How about Tonkatsu (Deep Fried Pork)? There are many good Tonkatsu restaurants.

15:00 pm: Head to Rokko mountain

After the lunch, you can enjoy walking the central area in Sannomiya or Motomachi.
Then let’s head to Rokko mountain.

The mountain range of Mt. Rokko stands like a partition extending 30 km to the east and west.
Therefore there are some good places where you should visit in Mt.Rokko.

In this sample itinerary, we would like to write about Nunobiki herb garden⑧ because of their easy access from the town area.
You can go there by public transportation.

First, head to JR Shin-Kobe station. You can get there by bus or subway from JR Sannomiya station.
There is Shin-Kobe Ropeway(Nunobiki Herb Garden Ropeway⑨) station close to JR Shin-Kobe station.
You can buy the ticket there. It cost 1,400 yen/adult (*including Herb Gardens Admission)
【Official website】http://www.japan-ryokan.net/kobeherb/en/index1.html

Going up the mountain by ropeway gives you wonderful views of the city and the mountain itself.
10-minutes ropeway ride let you rest your eyes on the lush forests underneath, a waterfall boasting to be one of the best in Japan and the Seto Inland Sea. (If you are interested in Seto Inland sea, we strongly recommend to go to Okayama and Hiroshima which is much closer and you could enjoy the amazing view)

Further up you go, the Inland Sea seems to open up in front of your very eyes.
During the daytime this was such a lovely view it made you wonder how magical it would be during or after sunset.

What do you think about this itinerary?
Would you like to visit Kobe now?

There are much more spots we would like to recommend in Kobe. Here are some other suggested spots from now.

3. Other Suggested spots

-Nada Sake district – One of the biggest Sake area in Japan

If you like Japanese Sake, you shouldn’t miss here.
Nada district is Japan’s top sake producing region.
It has been famous for a long time for its sake due to the availability of high-quality rice, suitable water and favorable weather conditions in the area.
Many sake breweries operate in this district, which stretches approximately three kilometers east to west.
If time is limited, we recommend visiting the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum⑩: its well-presented exhibits have comprehensive English coverage and sake tasting is available, too.

【Reference Website】http://japan-magazine.jnto.go.jp/en/1409_nada.html

-Rokko Garden Terrace⑪

If you want to see the best night view, we recommend there.
It’s quite difficult to get there. Please take a look at this site.
You can find the way to go there at this website. (https://www.rokkosan.com/en/access/)
You can also take a private taxi service from Sannomiya central area.
It cost about 15,000 yen~ for 2 hours.

If you are interested in seeing great night view, you could see in Kyoto as well.

4. Map of Kobe with the recommended spots

5. Recommended Private Guide Tour

Do you want to know more histories of the city?
Do you want to know the best restaurant?
Do you want to know how to enjoy the city like the locals would do?

If so, here are some recommended tours you can join in Kansai area including Kobe. The local English speaking guide will show you around the best spots with great knowledge!

Location Tours
Nada Sake district Visit Nada Sake Brewery from Kobe
Private Tour/Guide Tour Kobe Customize Private Walking Tour
Highlight Tour Kobe 1 Day Highlights Private Walking Tour
Activity Traditional Drum Taiko Experience in Kobe
Photo Tour with Van Private Photo Tour of Kobe including Luxury Van

We hope you have a wonderful time in Kobe.

6. Recommended Hotel in Kobe

If you would like to stay in Kobe, we recommend hotels below.
The night view from Mt. Rokko is one of the highlights of Kobe. So we strongly recommend staying 1 night in Kobe.

Hotel name Description
[Luxuryl]Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland Bayfront area, Ocean view hotel.
Member of SLH (Small luxury hotels of the world)
[Luxury]Oriental Hotel Near from Sannomiya station.
Founded in 1870.
[Luxury Ryokan]Minato Onsen Ren Bayfront area, Ocean view.
A group of Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland
They have a private open-air bath in room.
[Hotel]ANA Crowne Plaza Kobe Near from JR Shinkobe station
[Ryokan]Hotel Isago Kobe Near from JR Shinkobe station, Onsen Ryokan style
[Hostel]Galo Hostel Kobe Near from JR Shinkobe station
[Hostel]Kobe Guesthouse MAYA Near from JR Nada station.

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Hope you will have a lot of fun in Japan!!

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  1. Great itinerary, includes all my ‘must to go’ list in Kobe..

    I want to ask you something, the night view from (11), is it from Rokko Garden Terrace or Mount Maya? In other reference, I saw that view is taken from Mount Maya, but many other references say that view is taken from Mount Rokko, I really want see that view, thanks in advance..

    • Hi!
      I am Japanese and I live in Kobe. Rokko mountainrange is very long. So there are many place to see night view. Both of them,Rokko Garden Terrace and Mount Maya,are very famous place to see it.and these mountains is next to each other.
      It is little difficult for visiter to know ,there are many mountains in Rokko mountain range ,and Mount Maya and Rokko are one of them. Inside that Rokko mount is the highest in this mountainrange,so this mountainrange is named “Rokko mountain range” . So Rokko Garden Terrace is in mount Rokko. Please don’t misunderstand Rokko mountainrange and mount Rokko.

  2. Hello Sasti-san,

    Sorry for slow reply.
    This was taken from Rokko Garden Terrace!

    Hope you enjoyed Kobe!

  3. Hi,

    For the night view from Rokko Garden Terrace, will it be freezing there? I am planning for day trip to Kobe from Osaka and believe sunset is early now, before 5pm?

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