Places to visit in Tokyo

Where to Buy Souvenirs in Tokyo: 10 Best Shops

Knowing where to shop for the best souvenirs in Tokyo is essential! Check out our guide to find the perfect gifts to bring back from Tokyo.
Food & Drinks in Tokyo

10 Best Character Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo

Character cafes are a fun and exciting way to enter the world of your favorite animes, mangas, and fairytales! Read here to discover 10 character cafes and restaurants in Tokyo!

Reviews for Japan Wonder Travel (Tokyo)

Thank you so much for joining our tour! We hope you had a fantastic time exploring Japan with us. Your experience means ...
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12 Netflix Shows to Watch Before Coming to Japan

While you're planning your trip to Japan, don't forget to download entertainment for the flight. Watch these 12 must-see shows before coming to Japan, and maybe you'll learn a little Japanese too!
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10 Best Shopping Malls in Tokyo

When you come to Tokyo, you have to check out the shopping districts. To make it easier for you to decide, we have listed the 10 best shopping malls in the city. Discover the best one for you here!
To do in Tokyo

10 Cutest Things to Do in Tokyo: Experience Kawaii Culture

Do you have a weak spot for cuteness? Are you planning to go to Tokyo? You'll be going to a great place to for kawaii culture. Pick your favorites from our list of the cutest things to do in Tokyo!
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10 Best Tsukemen Restaurants in Tokyo

Dipping noodles! Have you ever heard of Ramen's sibling, Tsukemen? Well, now you have, so check out this list of the best joints in Tokyo!

12 Japanese Art Forms: Everything You Need to Know

Japanese art forms have a long and fascinating history, encompassing a wide range of creative disciplines. Join us as we delve into these captivating art forms and celebrate the timeless beauty of Japan's artistic legacy.
Places to visit in Tokyo

8 New Tourist Attractions Opening in Tokyo 2023

With tourism on the rise in Japan once again, we are seeing many new attractions opening throughout. Here are 8 new attractions opening in Tokyo in 2023.

10 Best Boutique Hotels in Tokyo

Boutique hotels offer plenty of character, exciting designs and are often smaller and more intimate. Here are ten of the best boutique hotels in Tokyo that offer a wide range of experiences.