Food & Drinks

What is Nomihodai? All You Can Drink in Japan

Nomihodai is the ultimate form of party in Japan and cannot be missed!

10 Symbolic Animals in Japanese Culture

Wondering what different animals mean in Japanese culture? let's learn about the significance of animals in Japan!

A Guide to Japanese Table Manners

Want to avoid offending anyone in Japan? This is our essential guide to Japanese table manners!
Food & Drinks

Best Starbucks Orders You Should Try in Japan

Starbucks is one of most famous coffee shops in the world. In Japan, you can find their Japanese style products with coffee. Find out "Japan" at Starbucks!
Day trips from Tokyo

Day Trip Ski Resorts Accessible from Tokyo

Japan is known for its amazing snow, especially up north in Hokkaido. But sometimes you don't have the time to take a full weekend trip. Here are some of our recommended day trip ski resorts accessible from Tokyo!

Yakatabune: Dinner on the Traditional Japanese Boat

Yakatabune is a traditional boat where you can have dinner on the traditional boat. Here we introduce this popular summer activity in Japan and where and how to enjoy it.

Summer Activities in Nagano

On the hot summer days, Nagano is the ideal place to refresh yourself! While Nagano is known as a winter sport destination, is has much to offer in summer too!
Places to visit in Japan

7 Best Places To See Unkai In Japan

One of the most beautiful natural occurrences in Japan is unkai or sea of clouds. Here we have shortlisted the best places to see the natural phenomenon.

10 Best Places to Visit in Kagawa

Kagawa is a tiny prefecture that is located in Shikoku in Japan but there are many places to discover. Here're the best tourist spots in "udon prefecture"!
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