10 Haunted House Attractions in Japan to Test Your Courage

Haunted house Experiences

From cute Japanese anime thrilling horror movies, Japan has a rich storytelling tradition. Do you like watching thrilling horror movies or visiting terrifying haunted places that will send a chill down your spine? Visiting a haunted house in Japan, is especially popular in the summer season. But when summer comes to an end and fall, with beautiful autumn leaves and pleasant temperatures, is peaking around the corner there are a also many places where you can get a chilling experience. Japan is home to some of the most terrifying haunted house attractions that make your heart pound and send chills down your spine and make you shake like a leaf. Visiting these scary attractions will be a memorable autumn experience, if you dare… Here you can find the best haunted house attractions in Japan!

1. Fuji-Q Highland (Yamanashi)

Fuji-Q Highland is a popular amusement park located in Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi prefecture. It is best known for the exciting roller coasters with extraordinary speed and height. But if you you are looking for some extra thrills, don’t miss the super scary Labyrinth of Fear. Widely recognized as the largest and most terrifying haunted house in Japan where you can experience terror with all five senses! You will walk around a setting of a spooky, dim hospital, which was according to the legend, was once used for cruel human experiments. It usually takes about 50 min to complete the 900m of horrifying maze where you will be continuously chased by bloody ghosts or get scared by frightening screams and sounds! 

Fuji-Q highland
10 am – 6 pm
Fuji-Q Highland entrance ticket + ¥4,000 set (4 people), ¥3,000 (up to 3 people)
No Fuji-Q Highland entrance, ¥8,000 (up to 4 people)

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How to get there to Fuji-Q highland

From Tokyo station, take the JR Chuo Line to Otsuki station. Transfer to Fuji Kyuko Line and get off at Fujikyu-Highland.

2. Hanayashiki (Tokyo)

If you are looking for a spine-chilling experience around Tokyo, visit Hanayashiki, which is known as Japan’s oldest amusement park with more than 150 years of history. Its’ central location, within walking distance to other world-famous tourist attractions in the Asakusa area such as Kaminarimon ‘Thunder Gate’, Sensoji Temple and TOKYO SKYTREE.

There are three different types of haunted attractions that you can try in Hanayashiki. Sakura-no Onryou is the most popular one which, the background story is about a woman trapped there as a spirit of Sakura tree which was cut down during the construction of the amusement park. You will walk through the dark, narrow passage while encountering ghosts and scary Japanese dolls in kimono. The attraction has no age restrictions, so is a little less spookier but still scare enough. Thriller Car is another thrilling ride which is enjoyable even for kids at the age of 5 or above. Ghost Mansion is the latest attraction where you can get a scary experience not only visually but also through your ears with headphones!

10 am – 6 pm
Admission fee Hanayashiki ¥1,000 + 3 ride tickets (¥300) / ¥2,500 for a Free Ride Pass.

How to get to Hanayashiki

8min walk from Asakusa Station

3. Daiba Haunted School (Tokyo)

Another must-visit haunted spot in Tokyo is Daiba Haunted School, conveniently located on the 4th floor of DECKS Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall in the Odaiba area. This dreadful attraction features a setting of an old, abolished elementary school which is often seen in typical Japanese horror movies. You can’t make your way out of the spooky building unless you solve the mysteries and complete missions to save the spirits of dead students who passed away in the school in the past. This attraction is available in Japanese, English and Chinese.

How to get to Daiba Haunted School

4min walk from Odaiba-kaihinkoen station

Daiba Haunted School
11 am – 9 pm
Admission fee ¥800

4. Ifu Musebiya (Tokyo)

Ifu Musebiya offers a unique, unforgettably scary experience for everyone. The storyline of this escape house is set like this: It takes place in a small, old Japanese house which is for rent. You happen to find the house on the internet and contact a real estate company to book a viewing. As you walk into the house, you will immediately realize something weird. Bloody bathroom, dark rooms with no light, and spooky noises from the old stairs…What makes it different from other haunted experiences is the fact that you will be chased by not ghosts, but a bizarre murderer! You and your friends will have to complete the missions to get out of the terrifying house and escape from the bloodthirsty killer.

Ifu Musebiya
2 pm – 9 pm (weekdays)
11 am – 9 pm (weekends & holidays)
Admission fee ¥3,000 (adult)

How to get to Ifu Musebiya

A short walk from Honancho station on the Tokyo Metro Line. Staff will meet you at the station and bring you to the haunted house.

5. Greenland (Kumamoto)

Greenland is a popular amusement park located in Arao city, Kumamoto prefecture. They boast over 80 different types of rides and attractions, ranging from exciting roller coasters for adults to kid-friendly ones. It is also home to luxury hotels, a giant shopping mall, golf courses and casual restaurants, making it a perfect destination for family weekend trips. Greenland’s Horror Tower is one of the five haunted attractions where scary stories have been repeatedly reported. Some people say they heard a creepy voice of a woman from the old elevator which is currently not available for some reason. Others have reported they got pulled by their legs while walking up the stairs inside the tower. It is all up to you to believe or not, but definitely worth a visit if you want to uncover the truth!

9.30 am – 4.30 pm (weekdays)
9.30 am – 5 pm (weekends)
Admission fee ¥5,200 (adult, unlimited rides)

How to get to Greenland

It is a 10 min taxi or bus ride from Arao Station

6. Joypolis (Tokyo)

Joypolis is Japan’s largest indoor amusement park in Odaiba, Tokyo. It attracts numerous visitors as a great spot to enjoy exciting attractions even on a rainy day. There are about 20 types of attractions featuring the latest technology including VR games. Mystic Mansion is a perfect option for groups to experience the creepy world of traditional Japanese monsters with the latest 3D technology. Try Murder Lodge which scares you with terrifying sound coming from the headphones. If you are a big fan of Japanese horror movies, SADAKO -The Curse Psychic Manor- is definitely the best!      

10 am – 8 pm (weekdays)
10 am – 9 pm (weekends & holidays)
Admission fee ¥4,500 (adult, admission + unlimited rides)

How to get there to Joypolis

A few minutes walk from Odaiba-kaihin Koen station

7. Rusutsu Resort Amusement Park (Hokkaido)

About a 2-hour bus ride from Sapporo station you will find yourself in one of Japan’s most popular and largest resort destinations; Rusutsu Resort. During the winter season, it attracts numerous visitors as a great ski resort with the beautiful powder snow. The summer is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities such as rafting and camping with the scenic views of lush green mountains. Their amusement park boasts about 60 types of attractions and rides enjoyable for all ages. House of the Dead-Cursed Girl is a lesser-known haunted house which offers a hair-raising experience. As you walk into the dark building, all you can hear is continuous screaming and a creepy voice of a cursed girl who has been trapped there for ages even after her death.

Rusutsu Resort Amusement Park
9 am – 4.30 pm (weekdays)
9 am – 5 pm (weekends & holidays)
Admission Rusutsu ¥5,100 – ¥5,600 (adult, season dependent)

How to get to Rusutsu Resort Amusement Park

Free bus service is available from Sapporo Station (※Reservation is required).

8. Yokohama Cosmoworld (Kanagawa)

Located in the heart of Yokohama Minatomirai district, Yokohama Cosmoworld awaits you with two types of terrifying haunted attractions to test your courage and bravery. Try Shin-yureido with creepy traditional Japanese dolls and spooky noises to scare you through a dark, horrifying maze while you are on a small vehicle. You can choose the scary level of your thrilling journey out of three options. Yureikan is another horrifying adventure which takes you to a terrifying world where Dr. Edgar secretly conducts cruel tortures and human experiments. Which attraction sounds more exciting to you? Either way, it will be a bone-chilling experience!   

Yokohama Cosmoworld
11am – 8pm 
Yokohama Cosmoworld is free to enter, and a fee is charged for each attraction (Shin-yureido ¥600, Yureikan ¥500)

yokohama cosmoworld
How to get to Yokohama Cosmoworld

2 min walk from Minatomirai Station or 10 min walk from Sakuragi-cho Station

9. Hirakata Park (Osaka)

Opened in 1910, Hirakata Park is the oldest and most famous amusement park in the Kansai region. It attracts more than 1 million people every year with a wide variety of exciting attractions and rides. Some of them are more family-friendly ones and easy to ride even for small children with their parents. However, there are also some more scary things to do. Dororon Travel is a popular haunted house where you hop on a guided vehicle and travel through a dark world which is home to traditional Japanese ghosts. At the end of the ride, there is a slot game that you can play for free. If you win, you can get a memorable picture with the scary, but kind of adorable ghosts!     

How to get to Hirakata Park

A few minute walk from Hirakata park Station

Hirakata Park
10 am – 5 pm (weekdays)
10 am – 6 pm (weekends & holidays)
Admission fee ¥4,500 (adult, admission + unlimited rides)

10. Onryou Zashiki (Tokyo)

This haunted house was opened in 2018 and designed by the famous horror-mastermind Hirofumi Gomi, and featuring visual effects by digital art experts from teamLab. The background story here is quite simple; the ghost of the Japanese Yoko, who was murdered by her husband and his mistress, haunts the scary house. Your quest is to find the ghost of the woman and give her peace by applying the antidote. Just be careful that she doesn’t find you first.. Onryou Zashiki occasionally holds special events for that extra scare factor that will make you scream like never before.

Onryou Zashiki
10 am – 9 pm
Admission fee ¥1,030

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You might think haunted houses are something for children. This is partly true as some of the terrifying attractions introduced above can be enjoyed regardless of age. On the other hand, there are much scarier ones designed for adults with a sophisticated story and horrifying gimmicks. Japan is known for its terrifying horror stories for a reason. Visiting these spots will make your blood run cold and screaming as you walk through a spooky world of ghosts!

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Happy traveling!

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