Traditional Theater of Japan

Japan has many different forms of traditional plays and theater. Let's learn about what makes them all unique and special!
Places to visit in Tokyo

Sanrio Puroland: The Most Kawaii Place in Japan

Sanrio Puroland is the most "kawaii" place in Japan by far. This cute theme park is the perfect place for your children, a date, or even an evening out with friends.
Cultural tips

10 Japanese Gestures and Body Language You Need to Know

Whether you are fluent in Japanese or do not know a single word, these commonly used gestures and body language tips will take your ability to communicate with locals to the next level.
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Rakugo: The Traditional Japanese Art of Storytelling

Rakugo is a form of Japanese storytelling entertainment resembling western stand up - learn how it started and where to catch one of these witty performances in Japan

Popular Japanese Folktales

What do Japanese children read before they go to bed? Learn more about Japanese folktales!

10 Best Festivals in Japan in September 2022

As it starts to cool off and autumn approaches, September is a great time to go to a festival. Check out some of the best festivals in Japan in September!

Popular Japanese Fashion Trends 2022

Get to know what kind of fashion styles, materials and prints are trending and popular in Japan today!

8 Famous Japanese Athletes

If you love sports, this is your chance to learn about some world-famous Japanese athletes! From baseball and basketball to tennis and golf, these outstanding athletes impress people from all over the world with their skills and talent.

Okinawan Language: The Japanese Dialect of the Southern Islands

Okinawa is a very unique area with its own culture and language. Learn more about the Okinawan language and how it is different from standard Japanese!

Tohoku’s Three Great Festivals

Attend one of these spectacular festivals in the lesser-visited region of Tohoku. Experience beautiful lanterns and traditional music, and even join in as a dancer!
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