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Along with Tokyo, Yokohama is home to a great number of lovely cafes that offer a range of food options as well as a delicious drinks. Yokohama’s cafe culture is a fusion of international influences that came to the charming city because of the international port. When Japan opened up for international trade again, Yokohama became one of the main ports of entry for the international trade and one of the import is is coffee. When you walk around in Yokohama, you can feel the international vibe and spot trendy, cute cafe’s everywhere. Some of them are also conveniently located near famous tourist attractions like Yokohama Chinatown, Aka-renga, and Minato Mirai. So you can combine a nice day exploring the attractions of Yokohama with a break at the lovely cafe’s. Here is our list of the 10 best cafes in Yokohama!            

1. ZEBRA Coffee & Croissant Yokohama

When visiting the central Minato Mirai area, ZEBRA Coffee & Croissant Yokohama is a perfect place for you. Here you can enjoy home-roasted coffee and delicious croissants and other pastries! The cafe is located on the 2nd floor of MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA, a lovely shopping and dining complex next to Red Brick Warehouse. The cafe has a relaxed vibe and you can enjoy a nice view of the Yokohama Bay area. They have a wide range of drinks, but we recommend to try their coffees. The beans are all roasted at the shop and the taste is amazing. Another must are their croissants that are second to none. You can also park your bicycle at their in-house bike rack and enjoy a nice cup of coffee after a long ride.

Picture by ZEBRA Coffee & Croissant

ZEBRA Coffee & Croissant
Open everyday from 10am – 8 pm


BUYME STAND MOTOMACHI is a cozy café which specializes in selling a variety of sandwiches. They also have several locations around Japan such as Tokyo and Okinawa. The Yokohama location is a classic American style café that can be found in the Motomachi area. Inside the café features mint green color walls and attractive deco, which makes it an instagram worthy spot to take memorable pictures. Popular sandwich menu includes Apple Cheeks which contains apples, pork belly, onions, and camembert cheese. BUY ME is an original sandwich which is made based on the recipe of Banh Mi, a popular cuisine originated in Vietnam. EGGUCCI is another must-try which can be enjoyed only at Yokohama location!       

Open Tuesday – Sunday 9am – 6pm

3. DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee

DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee Yokohama offers a variety of handmade doughnuts that perfectly match their tasty coffee. They have three shops in Tokyo and in shops in Yokohama, located in ASOBUILD, a newly opened entertainment facility directly connected to Yokohama Station. The doughnuts come in more than 10 different flavours, including cinnamon sugar, framboise, Matcha cream cheese and many more. Enjoy the unique texture made by the crispy outside and fluffy inside with rich glaze syrup covering the top. Coffee is served by a specially customized espresso machine with high-quality coffee beans imported from Kyoto.

DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee
Open everyday from 11am – 7pm

4. Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee

Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee is a heaven for those who love apple pies. Since its opening in 2012, it has offered a wide variety of delicate, high-quality apple pies at their 10 locations mostly in the Tokyo and Kanagawa area. With so many different varieties of apple pie it is hard to choose just one. Try FRENCH D’MANDES which has a classic taste with cinnamon-scented apple chunks covered with crispy pie. At their Yokohama location, don’t miss ALMOND CHOCOLATE APPLE PIE which is exclusively found there. It is located on the 2nd floor of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, you can enjoy shopping at a range of shops afterwards!          

Granny Smith Apple Pie & Coffee
Open everyday from 10am – 8pm

5. Bashamichi Jubankan

Bashamichi Jubankan is a retro café located in the Bashamichi area in Yokohama. The main red-brick building features Western-style architecture which was once popular around the area back in the Meiji Period. The first floor is used as a cafe which welcomes you with a variety of original sweets and dishes. Try their egg salad sandwich or hashed beef curry and rice which is also available for takeaway. Jubankan parfait features bite-sized pudding, seasonal fruits and vanilla ice cream which perfectly match their roasted coffee with sweet whipped cream. The 2nd floor is a British-style bar which, under normal circumstances, opens from 4pm to 11pm. Here you can spend a relaxing time while enjoying a range of great cocktails!

Bashamichi Jubankan
Open everyday from 10am – 10pm

6. yokohama coffee stand

The yokohama coffee stand is a small coffee only shop located Yokohama’s Chinatown, Motomachi-Chukagai. The barista is a super dedicated coffee lover and he will make you the most delicious cup of coffee with great care. The trendy designed cafe offers a few seats and is just all about coffee. The only food you can get here are a small selection of cookies available to go.

Picture by yokohama coffee stand

yokohama coffee stand
Open from Wednesday to Monday from 10am – 6pm

7. Cafe Elliott Avenue

Located a 3 min walk from Motomachi-Chukagai Station on the Minatomirai Line, Cafe Elliot Avenue offers an unforgettable coffee experience. They serve a quaint, extraordinary original coffee made from high-quality coffee beans directly imported from Espresso Vivace, a famous coffee shop in Seattle, US. You can enjoy a flavorful coffee carefully brewed by two well-experienced baristas trained under Vivace’s owner, David Schomer. A great selection of food and sweets is also available, including affogato, hot dogs, churros and bagel sandwiches! 

Cafe Elliott Avenue
Open Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 7pm

8. 24/7 coffee & roaster Yokohama

24/7 coffee & roaster Yokohama is a casual and modern cafe nestled on the 3rd floor of LUMINE Yokohama. They serve in-house roasted and brewed coffee made from fresh beans. The coffee beans are roasted at three different temperatures, and the light roasted one is not too strong and easy to try even for those who don’t drink coffee much. Choose your favorite sweets from their tempting dessert menu, including rich chocolate cake, creamy cheese cake and fresh lemon pound cake!

24/7 coffee & roaster Yokohama
Open everyday from 11am – 8pm

9. Teafanny

Teafanny offers not only tasty sweets and refreshing tea but also a cool place with a relaxed vibe, full of attractive photo spots in their courtyard. Once you step into the lovely white shop, you will be welcomed by attractive beach-themed decor and paintings around the shop. Outside is a man-made white sandy beach and beautiful courtyard with cozy tables where you can sit and enjoy their organic drinks and dishes. Try their popular crepes with butter sugar or strawberry chocolate which are made to order and always fresh as they arrive at the table!

Picture by Teafanny

Open everyday from 10am to 8pm

10. Good On You Coffee Stand

After having lived in Australia for many years, the owner of this cafe decided to open a Aussie-style cafe in Yokohama upon his return to Japan. The cafe is a nice, relaxing place where you can get your caffeine shot and another classic Australian treat: pies. After 5pm the place turns into a standing bar and for those who are looking for something different; the cafe offers a wide array of different coffee cocktails.

Good On You Coffee Stand
Open from Tuesday to Sunday 11am – 9pm

11. Chai Tea Cafe

Not a coffee bar, but too much of a hidden gem not to mention: Chai Tea Cafe is a nice cafe with a large variety of chai tea, a black tea with milk containing a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices. The cute cafe af located right in Chinatown and a must visit for every Chai Tea lover. The interior of the cafe is dominated by the greenery that is everywhere and the art on the walls is beautiful. The shop exclusively use carefully selected ingredients, including high-quality Uva tea leaves, fresh milk sourced from Hokkaido, and not overly sweet sugar from Okinawa. The Chai Deco Latte is a popular drink served with a range of toppings such as whipped cream and nuts on top. You can also order tasty sweets, including soft ice cream and rich cheese tart and enjoy them in an exotic room with an oriental atmosphere!  

Picture by Chai Tea Cafe

Chai Tea Cafe
11am – 7pm (weekdays)
10.30am – 7.30pm (weekend & holidays)

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Yokohama is a great place to visit when you are in Japan. The port city is influenced by the international trade that has been conducted here and the international vibe can be felt everywhere. There are many interesting places to visit in Yokohama and they can easily be combined with a break at the city’s many charming cafe’s.

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Happy travelling!

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