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There are many great destinations for a day trip near Tokyo; Nikko, Hakone, Kawaguchiko, and Kamakura are all famous for a short getaway from the city. But what if you have already been to the aforementioned towns or if you want to get more off the beaten path? Then a day trip to the Miura Peninsula might be just what you are looking for. This scenic coastal town in southern Kanagawa has everything you need for a perfect little escape!

How to Get To Miura Peninsula

One of the most convenient ways to get from central Tokyo to Miura is to take the train to Misakiguchi Station, which takes less than 1.5 hours from Shinagawa Station. From Misakiguchi Station, you can take the bus to your next destination. The good news is that there is an attractive discount package if you go there by Keikyu Line. The Misaki Maguro Kippu (Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket) can be purchased from the machines at Shinagawa’s Keikyu Line station and it includes a return train ticket, and unlimited rides bus ticket, an activity ticket, and a tuna lunch ticket. All this comes at a price of only 3,570 JPY per person, which is a great deal.

Enjoy Nature in Miura Peninsula

As a coastal town, Miura has plenty of nice beaches. The most popular beach in the area is MiuraKaigan, which is spacious and good for swimming. You can also do marine activities here in the warmer season like SUPing and windsurfing. The rugged coast of Jogashima island, which is connected to the peninsula with a bridge, is a wonderful place to walk and clamber around. The views of the Pacific Ocean are stunning and the strangely shaped rocks make the environment very scenic. If the sky is clear, you will be able to see Mt Fuji clearly from here. Are you coming between mid-January and early February? Then you will encounter a sea of yellow here with the blooming daffodils. For a fix of lush greenery, you should go to the Koajiro Forest where you can comfortably walk on a boardwalk that is surrounded by trees and marshlands. At the end of the 40-minute walk, you will reach a small beach where you can spot cute small crabs and enjoy the sound of the waves for a bit.

Fun Activities in Miura Peninsula

Are you looking to get active in Miura? Then there is good news, as there are some very good hiking trails that can be enjoyed by people of all fitness levels. The Morito Daimyojin Shrine course is a 6km loop near a river, the Nango Kaminoyama Park course is 7.6km with sweeping views of the area, and for those looking for a bit of a challenge the Hayama Yokosuka course that’s around 10km long is a good choice.

Another great way to explore the area is by bicycle. The Misaki Maguro Kippu can be used for renting a bicycle without a fee at the Tourist Information Center in front of Misakiguchi Station. Miura city has many beautiful picture spots along the coast and you should also not skip Misaki Shitamachi which still retains its old atmosphere. And if you decide to stick around for the sunset, you will be treated to one of the best sunset views in Japan. Any location on the western side of Miura is good, like Mitohama or Arasaki Park. If the weather is clear, you will be able to catch the amazing sight of Mt Fuji and the sunset together!

Other Things to Do in Miura Peninsula

You may have been wondering why the train discount ticket is called ‘Misaki Maguro Kippu’, which means Misaki Tuna Ticket. This is because the Misaki Port is known for its impressive tuna haul, and the ticket includes a tuna lunch. The port area is always crowded with tourists who come here to eat some of the freshest tuna in the world. Whether you want to eat it in sashimi, donburi, or tartar form, you can find your favorite tuna dish in Misaki Port. But this is not all, as you can also watch the tuna auction from behind a window if you are there at 8am the morning (*currently suspended) just like in the famous Toyosu market in Tokyo. There is a market for local specialties as well if you enjoy cooking at home. You can also take a boat trip on the Nijiiro Sakanago which has windows below the waterline so you can see the local sea life. And are you interested in local folklore? Near the harbor, there is a small museum called Chakkirako Misaki Showakan with an exhibition about the local folk dance and history.

One other sight that can’t be missed on a trip to Miura is the Tsurugisaki Lighthouse on the southeastern coast of the peninsula. It almost feels like you’re at the edge of the world in this quiet place with sweeping views of the ocean, and when there is no haze you can see the Boso Peninsula in the east and the Izu Peninsula in the west.

In December, you might find “daikon boshi” or placing Japanese radish in the sun. Japanese radish is one of the representative ingredients of pickles in Japan. It’s called a Japanese radish curtain for locals!

daikon boshi

Traveling in the Tokyo Area

There are so many things to see and do in and around Tokyo that it can be hard to know where to start, whether you are a first-time visitor or live locally. One of the most relaxing and fun ways to enjoy a day out and about is by hiring a private guide for the day. Whether you want to visit all the famous highlights or explore a city more in-depth, an experienced local guide can make it happen. Or how about a specialty tour like a food tour or a tour to the recovering disaster area in Fukushima? We also offer tours in cities like Kamakura, Nikko, and Hakone. Our private tours are all 100% customizable, so even for repeaters or locals, a tour can be a completely new experience. 

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Happy traveling!

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