Tours and Workshop

10 Best Cycling Tours in Japan

Want to experience Japan’s beauty, culture, and cuisine in a unique and immersive way? Try a cycling tour and explore on two wheels! Here are our favorites.

10 Best Boat Tours in Japan

Row row row your boat... or have someone row it for you! These guided boat tours are really relaxing and fun, be sure to check them out if you enjoy a nice cruise!
To do in Tokyo

10 Best Things to Do in Tokyo in Summer

Summer is a wonderful time in Tokyo, with plenty of things to do and plans to make. Check this list of activities to get your summer underway!
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10 Best Places to Experience Traditional Japan

Immerse yourself in the most authentic, traditional Japanese experiences like food, art, sightseeing, and much more!

The Ultimate Guide to Shinjuku Gyoen

Lush gardens, sprawling lawns, peaceful paths, and tucked-away groves make up a spacious park in the middle of Shinjuku. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax at the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen.
Places to visit in Japan

5 Most Underrated Prefectures in Japan

Seen all of Japan already? Well, lets put that to the test! Some locations in Japan simply dont get enough attention, but they deserve it. Spice up you itinerary with these unique places!
Itinerary in Japan

2 Day Itinerary in The Kawaguchiko Area

Escape the intensity of the downtown areas and take a short trip to the beautiful lake Kawaguchiko, a must see for anyone in Japan.

10 Amazing Natural Phenomena in Japan

Japan has its share of natural wonders. Wait, you don't know any? We got you covered. Here are 10 of Japan's amazing natural phenomena.

A Guide to The Scenic Takachiho Gorge

Have you ever visited Kyushu? Escape to Takachiho, a breathtakingly beautiful gorge boasting waterfalls, shrines, fun boat rides and stunning natural scenery!
Places to visit in Japan

10 Best Agritourism Destinations in Japan

Have you ever gotten tired of the city and wanted to stay out in the countryside of Japan? Agritourism is a great way to do this! Here are 10 of the best agritourism destinations in Japan.
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