10 Best Hotels in Nagano

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Embarking on a journey through Nagano is not just about exploring the serene landscapes and historic sites; it’s about finding a cozy nest to rest your adventurous spirit. Whether it’s the ultimate snowy ski trip in the winter, or a nature-filled escape in the summer, Nagano is one of Chubu’s best places to enjoy year round. Japan’s cultural and natural wonders converge in Nagano, and the city embodies this harmonious blend. Of course, you’ll need a spot to put up your feet, so here are the best hotels that not only offer a comfortable stay but also serve as gateways to the vibrant selection of Nagano’s attractions.

1. Dormy Inn Nagano

Nestled in the heart of Nagano, Dormy Inn is the epitome of contemporary comfort with a touch of traditional Japanese elements. The hotel’s architectural finesse is mirrored in its minimalist interiors, creating a tranquil escape. After a day of exploring Zenkoji Temple, unwind in the Onsen, a traditional Japanese hot spring, located within the hotel. The combination of modern design and relaxation rituals that have stood the test of time makes Dormy Inn Nagano a haven for both the culturally curious and the weary traveler. The Dormy Inn line is well known for their complimentary late night Ramen, don’t miss out!

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2. Chisun Grand Nagano


Chisun Grand Nagano stands as a beacon of warmth and comfort, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with the timeless charm of Japanese hospitality. The soothing interior is welcoming and offers a great sense of homeyness to get you settled in Nagano Right away. Centrally located, this spot is great for those who are wanting to stay flexible, much like Dormy. Youll have no trouble getting comfy, and their on-site restaurant is great for some delicious Japanese dishes.

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3. Hotel Metropolitan Nagano

掬茶CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For another warm and cozy experience, try Hotel Metropolitan, where luxury meets that sense of homeyness. This hotel boasts a fusion of Western and Japanese architectural elements, creating a unique visual tapestry. The interiors are rich with earthy and elegant color palettes with art pieces that follow in suit. Conveniently located near Nagano Station, the hotel provides easy access to both the city’s historic temples and its bustling modern districts. Immerse yourself in Nagano’s essence without sacrificing the comforts of contemporary living.

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4. The Saihokukan Hotel

Another centrally set choice, The Saihokukan Hotel invites you to step into its cozy western and Japanese style rooms. Its proximity to Zenkoji Temple and Nagano’s vibrant streets makes The Saihokukan Hotel an ideal retreat for those seeking a humble yet luxurious escape, as well as a great spot to access all the local restaurants. 

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5. Sotetsu Fresa Inn Nagano-Zenkojiguchi

SuikoteiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Nagano-Zenkojiguchi is a testament to contemporary elegance with a nod to Japanese simplicity. The brightly yet warmly lit interiors compliment the light color palette, reflecting their great level of cleanliness. Also centrally located, it’s a great choice to stay flexible. Be sure to wake up early for their excellent breakfast buffet!

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6. Nagano Tokyu REI Hotel

Elevate your stay at Nagano Tokyu REI Hotel, where modern vibes meet casual elegance. This architectural gem offers an impressive level of contemporary luxury; one might be surprised it’s only gotten a 3 star rating. Either way, it’s a place where you’ll feel comfortable and well taken care of, as well as in a central location from which you’ll be able to explore with ease. Enjoy their great in-house breakfast with both American and Japanese food, and step outside for some local bites for dinner.

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7. Hotel JAL City Nagano


Hotel JAL City Nagano welcomes you to a world of refined elegance, where classic design and modern amenities coexist in perfect harmony. This choice sets a great standard and will be a comfortable option for just about anyone. If you’re looking for a location with a good selection of food, then this is your best bet! They have 2 well reviewed restaurants in house, serving Chinese food as well as some other selections. The rooms are spacious, well appointed, and clean as can be. You’ll enjoy your stay here, no doubt.

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8. Hotel Nagano Avenue

Step into a realm of contemporary chic at Hotel Nagano Avenue, where the city’s dynamic spirit is encapsulated in every detail. The hotel’s architecture is a testament to Nagano’s modern evolution, featuring sleek lines and innovative design. As you explore the surrounding areas, from historic shrines to bustling markets, the hotel remains a stylish anchor for your Nagano adventure. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture, and return to the comfort of Hotel Nagano Avenue’s trendy interiors, ensuring your stay is as lively as the city itself.

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9. Toyoko Inn Nagano Eki Zenkoji Guchi

For those seeking a blend of comfort and affordability, Toyoko Inn Nagano is the perfect choice. This hotel seamlessly marries practicality with modern Japanese design, offering a cozy retreat for budget-conscious travelers. While it may be budget friendly, theyve spared no expenses when providing the best service. That, combined with their Onsen, makes for a relaxing experience to remember. Located near Nagano Station and Zenkoji Temple, the hotel is a strategic launchpad for exploring the city. Enjoy the convenience of a central location without compromising on the authentic Nagano experience.

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10. APA Hotel Nagano

As the final jewel in Nagano’s hotel crown, the APA Hotel line graces Nagano with its standard of contemporary design and unwavering commitment to guest comfort. This place is great for those who like what they know and want to stick with guaranteed comfort. The hotel’s façade, a blend of modernity and tradition, sets the tone for your Nagano adventure. Nestled in the heart of the city, APA Hotel provides easy access to cultural landmarks and bustling nightlife. After a day of exploration, retreat to the hotel’s stylish interiors, where Japanese hospitality is seamlessly woven into every detail. Your Nagano journey is incomplete without the modern comforts and authentic charm offered by APA Hotel.

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