10 Cool and Unique Streets in Tokyo

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10 Best Shopping Areas in Tokyo

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To do in Tokyo

Tokyo Mystery Circus: A Fun and Immersive Escape Room Theme Park

Tokyo Mystery Circus is the world's first theme park of mystery, and is a fun 6 story building with all different kinds of entertainment games! Find out more here!
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7 Day Itinerary in Japan

There is so much to do and see in Japan, but do you know where to start? Use this one-week itinerary and explore the land of the rising sun to its fullest!

The Best Ways to Learn Japanese

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10 Japanese Inventions that Changed the Way We Live

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How to Start a Conversation in Japanese

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Why You Should Learn Japanese

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Ghibli Park: The Ultimate Guide to Japan’s Newest Theme Park

Ghibli Park in Nagoya is now open! We have the ultimate guide for visiting Japan's newest theme park! Read here if you want to know more!
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8 Best Things to Do in Koenji

Koenji is a retro neighborhood in western Tokyo which is home to many second-hand shops, live music venues and interesting festivals.