To Ghibli museum, you can go from two nearest station. Mitaka or Kichijoji.

And from either station, you can walk or take a bus.

Mitaka station
You can easily access by JR chuo line from Shinjuku station (about 20 min.)

Kichijoji station
Easily accessible from Shinjuku station (by JR chuo line. About 18 min.) or from Shibuya station (by Keio Inokashira line. About 16min.)

1, Bus from Mitaka station

Is the easiest way to access. You can find the bus terminal No.9 on your left side when you get out from the South gate of Mitaka station.

Bus schedule

Either bus will stop at Ghibli museum in about 5 min. From the bus stop, you can’t miss the museum.

2, Walk from Mitaka station

Is our recommended way. You can relish the quiet neighborhood of the museum. About 15 min.

Map from the official website. From Mitaka station, follow AD indicated on the map.

A, From the south gate of Mitaka station, you walk along Tamagawa Josui “Waterworks”
0001 (2)

B, In about 5 minutes, you will walk by a bridge. Keep going straight.
0001 (3)

C, At the end of the road, take a right turn.
0001 (5)

D, You will see the museum on your left side in about 5 minutes.
0001 (4)

3, Bus from Kichijoji station

It is possible to take a bus from Kichijoji station but, you should be aware that to know which bus to take is a bit difficult when you don’t read Japanese.

At first, you get out from the South gate of Kichijoji station and walk to the main street.
There you will find many stops of Odakyu bus. From bus stops No.3~No.8, you can take whatever bus.
Bus will leave every 3 minutes.
0001 (6)

I、 And get off at Mansukebashi, which is the third stop from the train station. Don’t forget to push the button on the bus to let the driver know you are getting off.
After getting off, walk along the street for the same direction of the bus you took.

0001 (2)
D、 You will see the entrance in about 3 minutes.
0001 (4)

4, Walk from Kichijoji station

Considering the hustle of finding out the right bus to go, it might be easier to walk from Kichijoji station. approximately 15 minutes walking.

Map from the official website. From Kichijoji station, follow the number EH and D indicated on the map.0001source:

E、At first, get out of the station from the South exit and turn right.
0001 (8)

F、 In a few minutes, you will see a three-forked road and turn right.
0001 (12)

G、And turn left at a major crossing right beside the underpass.
0001 (7)

H、 When you keep walking for about 5 minutes, you will cross a small bridge. Keep going straight, but you should walk on the left side not to be confused.
0001 (13)

D、 Then, you just keep walking along the street and you will see the museum on your left side in 5 minutes.
0001 (4)

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