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Mao Goto is a Japanese freelancer who was born in Hayama, Kanagawa prefecture, and raised in Tokyo. Since 2016 she lives in the Taito Ward, home to a lot of Japanese culture hotspots such as Asakusa, Akihabara, and Ueno. She has been interested in the field of English education in Japan and got her Master’s degree in March 2020. A lover of photography, travel, sweets, and cross-stitch. Contact her via Facebook.

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Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in Japan, and many Italian restaurants can be found throughout Tokyo. In particular, pizza restaurants are so popular that some people will queue for hours just to get a slice at the most famous pizzerias in Japan’s largest city.

Tokyo boasts a wide variety of pizza restaurants, including some that specialize in American-style pizzas and others that specialize in Neapolitan pizza, one of the most authentic Italian pizzas. In this article, we will introduce some of the best pizza in Tokyo!

1. Nihonbashi Brewery

Standing in an office district in Nihonbashi, Nihonbashi Brewery is a craft beer specialty restaurant that opened in 2016. The restaurant boasts dishes made with fresh vegetables grown safely and without the use of pesticides. The restaurant also offers craft beer and ciders from Japan and abroad. 

The pizzas served at this restaurant are Naples-style pizza with Japanese vegetables and have a very subtle yet distinct taste. This restaurant has a stone oven, which makes it possible to enjoy authentic pizza just as if you were in Italy.

2. Devil Craft

Devil Craft is a restaurant with four locations in Tokyo that serves authentic American Chicago pizza and craft beer. With the catchphrase “devilishly delicious,” they continue to serve delicious Chicago pizza made to cater to the Japanese palate. Their most popular item on the menu is “The Devil Works,” a satisfying Chicago pizza topped with meat, vegetables, and a variety of other ingredients. If you are in the mood for Chicago pizza in Tokyo, you don’t want to miss Devil Craft!

Official Website: Devil Craft

3. Pizza Slice

James Allenspach, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0), via flickr

Pizza Slice in Daikanyama is a pizza specialty restaurant opened by the owner who studied pizza making right in the heart of New York City. The restaurant’s interior has a stylish New York atmosphere, perfect for dinner or lunch with your colleagues and friends. Here, you can buy pizza by the slice. This is a great spot for those who want a quick bite but can’t polish off an entire pie.

Official Website: Pizza Slice

4. 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria is an authentic pizza restaurant in Shinjuku. The first store was originally opened in Los Angeles, but has now landed here in Tokyo. They sell customizable pizzas, allowing customers to choose from about 40 different ingredients and have their own original pizza baked to their liking. Their pizza boasts the original flavor of the ingredients, and the pizza dough is kneaded and made in the store fresh every day. The restaurant is directly connected to Shinjuku Station, making it easy to enjoy pizza on rainy or snowy days.

Official Website: 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

5. Pizzakaya

Yusuke Kawasaki, (CC BY 2.0), via flickr

Pizzakaya is a famous pizza restaurant in Roppongi and serves California-style pizza, and the red and white striped walls of the interior give it an atmosphere somewhat reminiscent of an American diner restaurant. The most popular pizza is the pepperoni pizza, with plenty of pepperoni slices scattered throughout. American craft beer is also available, and Pizzakaya is one of the must-visit places for those who want to eat American pizza with gusto.

Official Website: Pizzakaya

6. Savoy

Gen Kanai, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0), via flickr

Savoy, which has opened pizza restaurants not only in Tokyo but also in other parts of Japan, is a pizza specialty restaurant that is highly regarded as a restaurant where one can enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza. This restaurant is equipped with its own baking oven, and pizzas are always cooked to perfection. 

Their pizza dough is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. For example, they use carefully selected flour and yeast and change the amount of water, salt, and fermentation time according to seasonal humidity and temperature, which allows the dough to produce a chewy texture. For those who want a simple taste of Savoy’s pizza, their Margherita is recommended. The combination of fresh mozzarella cheese and slightly sour tomato sauce is superb, and it’s a must-try menu item when you visit Savoy!

Official Website: Savoy

7. A16 Tokyo

San Francisco’s Popular Southern Italian Pizza Restaurant has come to Tokyo. Located in the Marunouchi area, A16 TOKYO is famous for its Southern Italian cuisine that makes full use of local ingredients. Their bright, green, and stylish interior make this gem perfect as a restaurant for lunch or dinner with friends and family in Marunouchi. Particularly recommended here is A16 TOKYO’s lunch course, which includes a salad, your choice of pizza, a beverage, and dessert for around 3,000 yen. 

Official Website: A16 Tokyo

8. Napule

Yuichi Sakuraba, (CC BY-NC 2.0), via flickr

With its main restaurant in Minami-Aoyama, Napule offers authentic southern Italian cuisine. Their taste is so highly acclaimed that some Italians living in Japan say their cuisine reminds them of the taste of their hometown. The pizza stone oven in the Minami-Aoyama main restaurant is also an authentic stone oven made by a craftsman invited all the way from Naples. For true authenticity, Napule is where it’s at!

Official Website: Napule

9. Seirinkan

Dennis Amith, (CC BY-NC 2.0), via flickr

Seirinkan in Nakameguro is an authentic Neapolitan pizza restaurant that can be described as the essence of Neapolitan pizza in Japan. This Neapolitan pizza specialty restaurant offers only two types of pizza on its menu: margherita and marinara. 

The restaurant is overflowing with the spirit of “delivering the best pizza to the customers,” and the dough, sauce, and even the baking conditions are made with the utmost care and attention. 

Official Website: Seirinkan


Photo: latripletta_dal2014

La TRIPLETTA in Shinagawa Ward also bakes their pizza using a pizza stone oven made by Neapolitan stone oven craftsmen and prides itself on its customer service. Conveniently located a minute’s walk from Musashikoyama Station, the bright white interior is attractive, and people line up in front of the restaurant every day for a chance to enjoy delicious Neapolitan pizza in a casual setting. 

Their pizza menu includes a variety of pizzas, from the standard margherita and marinara to mozzarella cheese-based pizzas and pizzas without cheese. The appeal of this restaurant is its extensive menu so that even if you go there every time, you will have a hard time deciding what to eat. If you want to taste authentic pizza in the Musashikoyama Station area, La TRIPLETTA is the best place to go.

Official Website: La Tripletta

In this article, we have introduced 10 pizza restaurants in Tokyo that you can easily go check out. All of them are located in the center of Tokyo or near train stations so that you can make the trip easily with your friends or family. If you are looking for a casual place to enjoy authentic pizza and American pizza made with the finest ingredients and flavors, why not go for some of the best pizza in Tokyo?

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