10 Best Nintendo Things to do in Japan

Nintendo enthusiasts, Rejoice! Is Nintendo a big reason if not THE reason you're visiting Japan? Well, you had better make sure you're familiar with all these great Nintendo things to do in Japan!

10 Famous Japanese Songs You Should Know

Japan's top hits brought to you by: Japan Wonder Travel! if you don't already know these famous songs, you'd better do your homework, especially if you're coming to japan!

8 New Tourist Attractions Opening in Japan 2024

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A Complete Guide to Fuji Q-Highland

Who's ready to have their breath taken away... by g-forces? Or by a view of Mt. Fuji, you can choose! heres how to truly enjoy Fuji-Q highland and its record-breaking coasters!

10 Best Hikes in Japan

Hiking must be one of the best ways to wind up out of breath, and even if you have great endurance, the views will surely manage to take your breath. Check out the best hikes in Japan!
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10 Best Bike Routes in Tokyo

Want to explore Tokyo from a new perspective? Ride a bike or E-bike! Check out the 10 best bike routes in Tokyo and get ready to take off on an adventure with you, your trusty wheels, and an excellent guide. 

10 Cool and Unique Museums in Tokyo

Whether you're an art enthusiast, a history buff, or want to dig into Japanese culture, we've scoured the city to unearth 10 cool and unique museums in Tokyo to add to your itinerary. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of Tokyo's museum scene that goes way beyond the ordinary!

10 Fun-Facts about Japan

There are so many fun and interesting facts about Japan! If you like to keep learning about Japan, especially some more interesting things, read on for 10 fun facts about Japan.

10 Best Festivals in Kyushu 

Join us on a journey through the ten best festivals that define the spirit of Kyushu, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of Japanese culture.
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10 Best Udon Restaurants in Japan

this article has presented 10 udon restaurants in Japan, each with its charm and culinary offerings. Whether you're a fan of traditional flavors or innovative combinations, exploring these udon establishments during your visit to Japan will enhance your culinary journey.