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Seasonal Events

10 Best Things To do in Fukuoka in Winter

This article will highlight 10 activities you can take part in this winter. Ranging from Christmas lights to buddha statues, you get a selection of things to do catering to your specific needs!
Food & Drinks in Kyoto

10 Best Places To Do The Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

Participating in a tea ceremony will teach you about traditional Japanese culture and give you an unforgettable experience! Read here about the 10 best places to do a tea ceremony in Kyoto.

10 Events and Things to Do in Japan in August 2023

Looking to visit Japan this summer? August is the perfect time for summer activities with warm weather and plenty of festivals. Read here for 10 things you can do all across Japan this summer!

25 Best Things To Do In Osaka

Osaka is one of the three biggest cities in Japan. There is a wide range of things to do in Osaka from shopping and eating to visiting shrines and the outdoors.
Cultural tips

12 Netflix Shows to Watch Before Coming to Japan

While you're planning your trip to Japan, don't forget to download entertainment for the flight. Watch these 12 must-see shows before coming to Japan, and maybe you'll learn a little Japanese too!

10 Best Things to Do in Osaka in Summer

Osaka is so much fun year-round. However, summer is certainly not to be missed in Osaka. Here are 10 best things to do this summer in Osaka.
Places to visit in Japan

10 Best Anime Things to Do in Japan

Explore Japan's anime culture with our top 10 attractions, from immersive experiences to themed cafes. Dive into the world of Naruto and more for a memorable adventure!

10 Best Things to do in Japan in Spring 2024

You'll have no problem finding enjoyment during Spring time, no matter where you are in Japan, it's truly an uplifting vibe. If you don't know where to start let us inspire in this article, let's talk about how to enjoy a Japanese spring!
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