What to Do on A Rainy Day in Kyoto

Genkoan Temple Places to visit in Kyoto

From June to early July, Kyoto is in the rainy season called “Tsuyu”.
But don’t worry, exploring around Kyoto under the rain is not too bad!
Here we introduce the things to do on a rainy day in Kyoto.

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Indoor Activities for Rainy Days in Tokyo

You travelled to Tokyo, outside of the rain season, but lucky you.. It is raining! Here is what you can do to enjoy your time when it rains in Tokyo!

1. Museum

Since Kyoto was a capital city for 1,000 years and is the most historical city in Japan, there are various museums you can visit.
On the rainy day, these museums will be on the list of what to do in Kyoto.

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

If you like Sake, Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum is worth a visit.
This museum is in Fushimi ward which is the most famous place for high-quality sake in Japan. In this museum, you could learn the history, culture, and how to make sake.
Also you can taste three different sake in this museum.

Admission Fee Adult:300 yen, Child (from 12 to 17 years old):100 yen, Under 11 years old: Free

Kyoto Railway Museum

You may be surprised by the convenience of the transportation especially trains in Japan.
Actually, train is indispensable in Japanese society.
Kyoto Railway Museum is the biggest railway museum in Japan.
Here, you can learn the railway culture and the history of the railway innovation.
From the rich and massive collection, you must be overwhelmed.

Admission Fee 1,200 yen, University/Colleage/high school students: 1,000 yen, Junior high/elementary school students: 500 yen, Kids over 3 years: 200 yen

Other Museums

2. Temples and Other Historical Sites

There are about 1,700 temples in Kyoto. Some temples have beautiful gardens and you can enjoy the view from inside. You can spend a relaxing time enjoying the view and feeling the flow of time while hearing falling rain, apart from the hustle and bustle in the city.


Genko-an is known for its two big windows. One is round and another one is square.
The round window is called “The Window of Enlightenment” and the square one is called “The Window of Confusion”
Since Genko-an is very quiet, it is a good place to meditate and let it go all the stress you have.The beautiful view of the garden will change on each season and it is popular spot for the autumn foliage!

Admission Fee Adult: 400 yen

Sanjusangendo Temple (Rengeo-in)

Buddha statues Sanjusangendo Temple (Rengeo-in)

Sanjusangendo is sometimes described as a forest of Buddha Statues. The temple hall is the longest wooden structure in Japan and there are 1,001 wooden statues of Buddha.
Every statues were made approximately 1,000 years ago with a wish for a gentle and easy death. Since Sanjusangendo is very close to Kyoto National Museum, visiting those two places is a recommended route for a rainy day.

Admission Fee Adult:600 yen, Child:300 yen

Other Temples or Historical Sites on Rainy Days

3. Onsen (Hot Spring) in Kyoto


Take a day trip to Onsen (hot springs) to get rid of your tiredness from your long trip to Japan. it is highly recommended not only because you can get the unique experience of Japan but also to ease your fatigue.

Onsen (Hot spring) in Kyoto

4. Cultural Experience or Workshop

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony Experience En

In Kyoto, there are a lot of places you can join a tea ceremony because tea ceremony has been developed in Kyoto. It is top of the things to do in Kyoto if you really want to learn more about the Japanese culture.
Since tea ceremony is an indoor activity, it is recommended on a rainy day.
One of the most popular places is Tea Ceremony Experience EN located in Gion District.
But if it is far from your place, consider another place and check the location from the following list.

Other Experience or Workshop

Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) Making Workshop

Samurai Experience

Ninja Experience

Traditional Handicraft workshop

5. Theater

Gion Corner

At Gion Corner which is located on Hanamikoji alley in Gion District, you can see seven kinds of traditional Japanese performing arts. The most famous one is a dance performance by Maiko dancers.

6. Shopping

Nishiki Market

If you have no idea about what to buy or what to eat, visit and explore Nishiki Market.
There are about 130 stores on a 400 meters long street. There is a roof over the market so you can enjoy the lively market even on a rainy day.
Business hour of most shops is from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Nishiki Market Food Tour

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Other Shopping Spots

7. Other Spots to Enjoy on A Rainy Day

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower is a place not only to enjoy panoramic view, but also to have an unique experience and buy unique products.
Inside of the tower, there are shops, restaurants, bar, public bathhouse, and workshop to make your own “Food Sample (food replica)”!

Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium is 15 minutes walk away from Kyoto station.
It is a small sized aquarium in the city but you can take a close look to the aquatic lives.
Open hours are varied so please check the calendar on the website.

Admission Fee Adult 2,050 yen, College/High School students 1,550 yen, Junior High School/Elementary School students 1,000 yen, Children(3 years old and above) 600 yen

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Of course, even though it is raining, you can still enjoy outside spots! It is less people than on a sunny day so you can walk around slowly.
Hope this article helps you to find a way to enjoy on a rainy day. Have a wonderful trip in Kyoto and Japan!

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Happy travelling!


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